Occultist build question

Alright so I tend to like the occultist due to the whole dark magic vibe… I made a while back a witch hunter and it went well for a while till I realized I was spending more time healing than hitting things ha ha. I’m debating going caster or caster melee hybrid now I’m thinking of conjurer or warlock I like conjurer mostly for the vitality damage/healing spells Warlock cause of the raw damage I do want something that has some defense my pyromancer I tried recently failed epicly I’m not good at combat with guns/bows/crossbows so I figure that’s my main problem there. I’m open to other suggestion’s note I’m not asking exactly for a build persay as much as advice on what to combo with Occultist to get the desired effect basically a dark mage that can survive decently. I’m open to 2h,1h and shield,or even 1h and offhand.

Vitality Caster Conjurer is the best first class to finish ultimate, super friendly to play , everywhere red spells light up the screen and nearly everything heals, every other piece of gear is vit based

But if you want something to farm endgame bosses, nemesis, challenge dungeons at decent speed, Poison Witchhunter, dual Saboteur, Warder are better

I just want something that I can finish the game with…I had poor luck with a vitality/chaos witch hunter is a poison one easier? Mind you I probably botched the build as well since I went and got Blade spirit.

My friend, first of all you actually did play a melee/caster character - the witch hunter is esentially that. Even the prefered damage types (i.e. acid/poison and cold) are spirit based.

Q: Is the poison variant easier ?
A: Yes it is…but it is not poison/acid simpliciter - it is poison/acid/cold/pierce (in that order). Poison/acid/cold/pierce WH used to be a top 3 build before After the 2nd hotfix I thought it would be worse, but it’s not - the AoE got stronger + crit DoTs can reach 220k+ on a build that is designed for HC. I can’t guarantee that it is top 3 anymore (perhaps top 5 in global clear speed due to SS spam + mobility), nor that it is “noob friendly”.

The power of the Witch Hunter is that being a melee/caster type character (i.e. a “mageassassin” ) you can make various viable builds depending on what gear you have. More precisely:
(a) dw execution build with Mad Queen Claws (best single target damage);
(b) dw SS-spam build - this actually got nerfed in but its still doing o.k.
© 2h radial shotgun build with Nightshade’s reach (best AoE );
(d) caster build with commuted DEE (safest).
and the list goes on and on…
By contrast, the vitality/chaos variant is inferior in terms of both single target damage and AoE. The only thing it is good for is leveling during Veteran / Elite, where Sigil alone will make the game borderline trivial. However, it falls hard in the late-game.

On your 2nd topic, viz. the vitality caster conjurer - yes it is friendly and HC is very easy with it. HOWEVER, killing nemeses and void leeches with vitality damage is a painful task. Not as painful as killing Ultimate Valdaran with a retaliation build but still…you might become envious of Ultos Savegry Conjurer builds that have similar survivability but much more damage (!!!)

Well as I said about the Witch hunter I did poorly (again likely my fault for going 50 on Nightblade for blade spirit and the fact I have little experience with rogue type characters think this game was my first attempt at one.) I spent more time healing than hitting things is the only reason I’m not currently going with that. I might try a Witch hunter again after this maybe next time start as occultist so I won’t be tempted to max Nightblade ha ha. I’ve just always had a thing for dark magic classes or classes that are themed around that. In games mmo and otherwise I never choose rogue’s trying Nightblade was my first attempt so I likely had no idea what I was doing. If I did go Witch Hunter is cold necessary? I’ve never been too big a fan of cold damage in any games so just asking I haven’t fully decided yet which one.

Grim Dawn is a min-max game. You go cold because:

  1. You can debuff it two times through CoF-Vulnerability + Veil. This is the same reason why you go for poison/acid - two independent “-% resistance reduction” debuffs that stack together.
  2. It is a spirit dependent damage type that will also be amplified by the points you put into spirit to increase the duration of poison stacking and capacity to spam things;
  3. It is a component on Shadow Strike - the most powerful single target damage ability in the entire game.
  4. It provides an additional damage channel versus “diseased” mobs that resist the hell out of poison.

Furthermore, with the exception of some mobs in the Arkovian Undercity + SoT nothing in this game resists cold. Same goes for poison - no nemesis has special resistance to that.

On top of AoD’s many salient points I would amplify the point that Nightblade is not particularly optimal as a second mastery for a vitality/chaos build as it can debuff neither and outside of PB doesn’t have much that contributes to the damage either. Nightblade works best on damage types that Night’s Chill debuffs (poison/acid, cold, pierce) and as a specialized PB build.

Based on your posts and stated desires I would echo the recommendations for a vitality conjurer, relatively easy to gear, very forgiving playstyle due to all the heals, a good choice to finish the game and farm up gear for other characters. Shaman gives you much more for the build than Nightblade does to be sure.