Octavius set potential changes with V

Octavius set’s main focus has always been phys RoK, forcewave and Aegis of Menhir. I myself have played a paladin focusing on RoK and Aegis.

However I feel that octavius is quite like the Justicar guard set (which is focused on fire forcewave, but is generically good for most fire attackers) but for phys builds. While the full set can’t be used like justicar, 2/3 piece octavius is very handy for many builds and better than alternatives with conversion like Targo and spellscourge (especially for phys builds having inquisitor).

Few of my builds using Octavius set for example -

  1. Phys Forcewave Death Knight - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/xZyGaRK2
    Had made this build pre FG to try and squeeze as much conversion out of DK as possible. Have been updating it slowly since.

  2. 2h Phys EoR Warlord - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/bVAaM6oV
    Kinda low on attack speed, but I really wanted to use Gutsmasher cyclone (PoE 2h phys cyclone nostalgia). It works pretty good even now, I have also been testing similar Sentinel and Oppressor setups but those have issues with OA/DA and resists compared to Warlord.

  3. Phys Righteous fervor Paladin - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/dVbG8WYZ
    Newest build I have been testing out, quite nice and tanky with decent single target and great clear.
    Also have a Phys cadence Tactician which is quite similar - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/L2JRKB72
    this one feels a bit more tanky but lower single target and clear, still good enough for most endgame I would say.

These are just the builds that I have tried but I think there must be many more builds which are reliant on the Octavius pieces. In my opinion it would not be a good idea to remove the conversion from these pieces and maybe just nerf the stats (Though this is upto Crate ofc). Just wanted to make this post to discuss these changes and how others feel, any other builds that would be impacted and alternatives.

Conversion removed from chest piece is catastrophic imo. This plus retal penalty to viper pistols plus converted physical damage passing armor… Boy, lucky me I’ve already played all physical builds I can think of. Physical days are counted.

Well, far as I’m aware, conversions were moved because of retal (yep, retal is so OP it affects even builds that have nothing to do with it, huh-ha!).

Converted physical affected by armor made me curious. On one hand this makes things a lot more consistent and simple, but on the other hand some builds may suffer big time. Unless I’m exaggerating ::shrugs::

Zantai said, physical dmg was balanced around converted physical not passing armor. Now it does and I see no compensation for it…


Yep. Maybe they’ll decrease armor values of monsters across the board? That, or Dire Bear will become a mandatory constellation for ANY physical build XD

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I didn’t think Octavius was used that much by retal builds dangit.

Or maybe could make -% armor more common and sprinkle it on stuff like phys weapons (warborn gavel, Tremor, Voldrak’s crusher) and to devotions like Oleron/Autumn Boar/Berserker too. Maybe even to rare prefixes like Barbaric also ? Seems like a lotta work tho.

Maybe I am missing something, but I don’t see how the Conversion change is impacting these builds in particular?

That said, I can think of several in-testing changes that would be a bump to these builds.

Having a similar RF paladin build, 2 piece octavius allowed you to use a single sandspitter to complete elemental conversion, so you could use one havoc+gloves to convert all pierce. With changes you either roll 50% elemental conversion or 50% pierce conversion (ignoring all that damage now passing through armor as well), so Inquisitor WPS/jaxxon aren’t going to be as spicy.

This was one of the few 5 minute or just under capable RF ranged builds in, so would be a bummer to have it take a decent hit.

EoR warlord gets hit the worst since EoR only has 50% weapon damage (in gutsmasher setup) it really needs conversion to make use of the flat fire and lightning on the skill itself. With decent rolls on gear it gets almost 100% ele-phys conversion (I have around 95% ingame). Warborn builds just use beronath reforged to get this easily, but this was the best combo I found for 2h with gutsmasher (well rolled Korvan pauldrons beat dustbrawlers)

Paladin and Tactician get 100% ele-phys conversion from the gun and 2 pc Octavius this makes the WPS skills and Arcane empowerment (Edit: and the flat on RF) much better with conversion. This is much more important on the paladin than the tactician(which gets massive flat from lethal assault).

For the Forcewave DK I wanted to get as much out of Soul harvest as possible to make it competitive with warlords so the ele conversion+vit conversion from belt gives a nice amount of flat damage.

I think Octavius losing the conversion would hurt its usage quite a bit and maybe a better option could be nerfing the stats (like the monster life and 15% phys res from 3 piece) but definitely look forward to seeing any changes you would be making also.

Without seeing the build, I can’t really comment, but one of the working changes is to bump the % Pierce to Physical modifier for Aura of Conviction on Mythical Grasp of Unchained Might to 100%.


That would do it then. Along the lines of what OP posted with https://www.grimtools.com/calc/dVbG8WYZ

Changing the gloves means dropping havoc for a second sandspitter to do full elemental -> phys conversion is no longer a big deal

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Since we’re on an Octavius thread i’m just going to leave these 2 videos here:

Short said, the changes on x converted to phys has a huge impact on the build, and along side with that, the build struggles to apply assassin mark RR debuff due to the low OA. Changing from divine mandate to Oleron’s rage to make up for the OA results in even worse performance due to the absence of a big chunk of crit damage. Octavius could use some OA, and internal trauma generally use a bump in devos and flat values increased everywhere just to make it a decent (NOT OVERPERFORMING) build.
In order to prevent other devo path suggestions i’m going to also leave this video here:

1191 Octavius Warlord (when hit/block spec) - YouTube

Slightly better performance since it was made on 1191.


It’s too rough
Look at this