% of attack damage converted to health, question.

Im atm 67 lvl elementalist, using two-handed ranged weapon and as a default attack “Primal Strike” from shaman skills tree. I wonder if i went for Revenant from devotions, those “% of attack dmg convert 2 healt” should works with my ranged wepon and Primal strike or its works with melee only ? And how those % its counts ? all dmg done or only from primal strike ?
Thx for answer.

The weapon damage portion of Primal Strike will leech if you take Revenant. How much depends on how much weapon damage you do. If it is >100%, then you leech for however much the % says, if <100%, then you only leech for a percentage. So if you have 10% ADCTH with an attack that does 50% weapon damage you will only leech for 5%.

If the weapon damage value is over 100%, it will still convert only 100%.

This behaviour was fixed in patch, as far as i know… Or it was only for “Total damage multiplied by X%”?

I’m not sure what you mean. Can you explain?

When game was released, ADCTH mechanics was following:

%ADCTH was affected by both “% weapon damage” (dunno if it could exceed 100% of original value, though) AND %total damage increased by % (for example, Primal/Fire Strike transmuters) and with that, it could even exceed base value. For example, 5% ADCTH with “total damage increased by 20%” would be increased to 6% ADCTH (double-dip, essentially, for damage increases as well).

I see. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t work that way anymore, but I couldn’t say for certain either. I am almost positive ADCTH works the way I said it did though, but you never know.