Of Poop and Fish

Today when I loaded up the game all my houses were overloaded by poop and all the poop storages were full, which defifinitely was not the case when I left the game. Also it now sais that there is no fish but I think there is no fish because of winter. My brewery is also showing that it’s not providing entertainment. Which is odd because the entertainment is not being provided by the brewery itself and the pubs are working well.

make another compost station…

I had enough since today or it didn’t show that I didn’t. So eitherway this is clearly a bug.

Not necessarily the case here, but we’re still figuring this out…did you toggle building icons with F2 at any point before the reload?

Hm I don’t think so since all the other icons were showing. Maybe something changed with an update?

This is an issue yes, only happens when you save, completely exit the game then reload again, it seems settlers keep pooping while idle.

I think some of the bubbles are still struggling with retail popups. when you save and exit they load and show what they should have shown during the previous session.

I’m having a similar experience with fish. If I have more than two fishing huts on the same water source they will glitch out over time and tell me there is no fish. If I reduce the amount of working fishing huts to 2 or less there is no glitch.

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