'Off the beaten track' ranged builds

Hi everyone!

Started this game two weeks back and I have to tell you the sheer number of builds and combinations really impressed me for a game with such low fanfare upon release.

Ive been playing melee builds such as the lightning warder and the blitzkrieg dual wield trickster but I wonder if there are any other physical / bleed / fire builds that are, shall we say, not of the norm?

I had an idea for a fire based pyromancer but using a two hander ranged wep and a hellhound for extra bodies on the field. I understand that it will reduce the damage output but are there any other weird builds that were cooked up?

Will link the grimcalc when im sure of the build but in the meantime anyone else care for some input?

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Cant seem to edit so I will link it here. My lvl 30 build http://grimcalc.com/build/3ncPMv

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