Offense draining cabalist

Largely a gimmick build, but it was an interesting gimmick to work on and I thought I’d share:

12.8k health, 2800 OA, 2200 DA, and -1260 OA in debuffs. The minus resist support isn’t nearly as perfect as it could be, but it’s pretty good (misses some sets that have mythic bonuses that better support -resist, but the majority of devo -offense is also on -resist procs, and +skill gearing is aimed at buffing the -offense skills over CoF etc)

CoF up every 2-3 rotations, Pox and Peerless Bero skill on bero cooldown-Drain Essence, keep blood of dreeg and soul siphon up. A bit spammy to be trying to work a channeled in between, but Drain has the flat offense reduction, and it’s a pretty good one. Gear choices for OA debuff left Aether damage, despite being 2/3rds of damage at half of vitality, but thems the breaks.

By my count, you have -1330 OA.

Here’s my not-gimmick version of the build: (-795 OA)

That is super nice. I was figuring that not chasing after highest possible debuff skills it’d be possible to get higher total defense+negative offense, but overall that is really impressive even beyond what I was thinking. Anything specific to the 2hander that made you pick it? I really like the skill modifiers on the dagger/off-hand plus the valgur 2 piece.

It’s bonuses to Bloody Pox/Blood Boil, mostly. That and I think it’s one of the coolest looking items in the game. :slight_smile: