Oh hi

Hi, I’m Rubius.
I’m a gamer that started at around 2 yo and never stopped. My gaming genre goes to pretty much everything except Sports and Racing games.
I currently live in two places, near Montreal and in a inuit village in the north of Quebec where I work 6 month of the time (28 days on, 28 days off) as a Radio Operator and Weather Observator for an Airport.
I’m single and introvert socially but I speak way too much.
So that’s pretty much it! I hope to come often on this forum to help the Devs and the Community!

Welcome, Rubius! Do enjoy your stay and feel free to talk all you like :smiley:

Hi Rubius and welcome to the forums: looking forward to reading your contributions.

hello and welcome and enjoy your stay here

Another Canadian, great to have ya on board :D.

Throws out some secret Canadian gestures for “See all you fellow Canadians at the secret Canadian meeting place later, eh?”


Pretends to be Canadian and throws back a similar sign to Opal Monkey

Muhahaha. They have no idea i’m a spy :stuck_out_tongue:

sniffs air in Smartfox’s direction

Something… smells like imposter in here…

Thanks for the welcome everybody!

Welcome to GD, Rubius, and hope you have a good one. :cool: