OK..dumb Keybinding Noob question..patience required..

So the Jajaja Saboteur build I’m looking at suggests:

LMB: Fire Strike (devotion ability - elemental storm )
RMB: Shadow strike (devotion ability - solael’s witchfire)
mousewheel up: pneumatic burst
mousewheel down: Flashbang (devotion ability meteor shower , can also go to amarastas quick cut for longer boss fights)
middle mouse - heal pot
keyboard 1 - Thermite mine
keyboard 2 - optional Blackwater cocktail
keyboard 3 - bladebarrier <-- i use this so rarely its almost not worth the point
execution - devotion ability raise dead
chariot devotion ability to any self buff

I’d post there but it says he’s left the game, so…

How do I (for instance) bind Fire Strike to LMB? Firstly, I see no Fire Strike skill in the Keybinding list. Secondly, even if I could see it, I can’t seem to click LMB in Keybinding…nothing happens…and I don’t see it associated with anything else either, Primary or Secondary… Does this refer to Mouse software, or in-game keybinding? Incidentally, mousewheel up is fine, but LMB/RMB does nothing.

Apologies for the noobiness…:smiley:

Noob queries happen, no worries. Keybinding in the options binds your SLOTS. The thing you’re talking about is changing the slot’s contents. So you right click on the LMB square, for instance, and a menu pops up that shows all your skills and consumables on that character, and you can click which one you’d like in that slot.

This means your keybindings can be the same for every character, instead of having to go to your options every time you swap characters.

Heh, I just saw the LMB/RMB squares, duh. Thanks for help man.