old people and Carpal builds

I am relatively new to Grim Dawn but not to ARPGs. My wrist is shot from playing them (Carpal), especially D2 in the day. I built a newbie friendly Cabalist and she is now 90 in ultimate. The question I have is this has been super fun and easy, I have landed in Ikon on ultimate and most things have been so smooth but the clicking is killing me. I was wondering if a pet build is as powerful and can carry me through the rest of the game before I change everything around. I am quite attached to my character and the style is great and thank you so much to whoever put all that work into it but my wrist is dying from my habitual clicking. (Does anybody else have this problem with their wrist?) I apologize if this is the wrong place for this question but I don’t want to have to stop playing, Thanks in advance.

Just to make sure: you know that you can hold down the mouse button to attack in this game, right?

Hard to anwser it, but yes, they are lazier than other builds, but in ultimate you need some equipment to back your pet build.

Is it one wrist or both?
If its one, then you can bind your skills, even first and second, to the keyboard and use mouse to eventually aim/move. You can also try to create some macros on keyboard with a program or dedicated keyboard.

If its the keyboard hand, then you can get yourself a mouse with macros.

You can try an xbox gamepad on PC with adapter (maybe you can borrow it from someone) - maybe it will be easier.
I don’t really know the condition, but it seems scary to have wrist pains (especially for me when i do most of my work by typing on keyboard)

I didn’t know that (doh) but the clicking is a really bad habit I have had since D2 nova sorc days. I will boot up my Cabalist and see if I can keep the button pressed (I left keyboard all spells, the only thing I do with right hand is click l/r mouse attacks and movement)

it is just my right wrist and I am older. I have played games for 30 years on the computer and I use a brace most of the time I do any gaming. It helps but not always if I overdo it and its hard not to! I know this game is coming out on Xbox which will help a ton, I am awful with the controllers as I have really only gamed on PC but I have an Xbox I can steal a controller from. I have picked up some decent gear along the way and this vitality leech Cabalist build that I am using is this one, Nightmare’s Vitality Cabalist New Player Starter Build. I highly recommend, it has been easy to gear her up. Anyhow, I will go steal one of my controllers and thanks for your advice. I will probably give the pet version a try at 100 because chasing mobs when/if I ever do try the crucible thing will make things more difficult.

You can hold “A” to move the char instead of clicking on ground btw. Pet build is perfect for this kind of playstyle - walk around, cast pet buffs and pets will do the work. No need to click the mouse this way

I have this issue too. The game is very click-heavy, but these are the steps you might take.

  1. In the GD settings turn on the “classic” targeting setting. This allows you to hold the mouse down and continue to move/attack with less clicking.

  2. Stop trying to assign RMB to a skill. I just put “Move to” or “Force move” or whatever it is called on RMB.

  3. Assign a keymapping for the loot pickup function. I use ‘x’ for this and that way you click far less when cleaning the floor.

  4. Assign all your active skills to ASDQWE123 keys and use them as much as possible.

The goal is to offload as much as your activity to the left hand and leave the mouse hand to do as little as possible. But even with all those steps above, I cannot play for long sessions like I used to be able to.

Thank you, A to move helps a lot, x to pick up and g to interact saves much clicking so thank you for those suggestions. I think I solved part of my clicking troubles by making these changes(buying an adapter for the xbox controller to try it, might as well practice using one at the PC where I can cheat with keyboard while practicing!) Thanks all

Ever since I moved my primary attack skill off LMB and to a hotkey, my hands haven’t hurt… even during long(ish) play sessions.

If I am not mistaken, GD already supports playing with a controller, so maybe you can try that. No need to wait for the Xbox version then.

GD supports a controller very well. I am surprised at you folks talking about carpal tunnel and you haven’t got a device to run macros? I’ve had a Logitech G13 for years and I assign the left mouse button to a key. That way I can autorun/attack and just guide my mouse around for direction. I never have to push down on the mouse button itself.

My hands are also partially shot, and I’ve written a little thing about Razer Tartarus to play GD.

But I can’t tell you where until I have three posts here. Sorry. :undecided:

Then stick a couple in this thread and you’re good to go. :slight_smile:


For one like me who thankfully hasn’t got any health issues, only 30+ years of manual labor hands aren’t that nimble.
Three keys & space is ok, but anything more ends up beign random stumbling.
Wish some one with the skillz could do AHK-tutorial “for dummies”.


Is done, thanks.

So, yeah – using a Tartarus to play Grim Dawn, a guide.

Incidentally, having removed the ability to bind certain devotions to summons does create problems for those of us with limited dexterity. Since that may mean having to add a non-summon skill to a build to proc a devotion skill, which means one more key.

Nice writeup and interesting device. Never seen one before. While I don’t need it physically I’m almost tempted to give one a whirl someday, just because. Who knows, I might like it enough to use one while gaming.

Doesn’t Razer have a sort of mouse&keybord combo, that could help people havin issues w/ left hand?

FWIW the least button-intensive build I have is an essence drain spellbinder, which IIRC, I found on these here forum.

It can be pretty much played as a one-button character, which you keep pressing to channel. You’re not going to clear 170 gladiator this way, but it’s still a good build.