On Enemy Death devotions

as far as i can tell these can only proc when the skill you stick it to gets the killing blow, which makes them fairly limited use.

but then again maybe not all “On Enemy Death” are created equal. are there any that simply work as described? ie WHEN AN ENEMY DIES it procs? or do they all require specific kill shot from the alpha-strike skill you bind them to?

All (2) on enemy death devotions require you to kill the enemy with the bound skill. Can be useful if you have one attack that covers all your uses like Firestrike or Cadence (although making a pet hybrid with either is going to be tricky…)

yeah its a strange hybrid lightweight pet that wouldn’t work for a conjurer, and one of those 2 scales off player bonus rather than pet bonus. the constellation pets are trash but fortunately there’s stuff like Necromancer grips that has a great summon on ANY enemy death.

I used Revenant skellies as DoT/pet Conjurer, and usually was able to keep 1 to 2 of them in a fight going. But eventually I specced out of Revenant, because the number of my procs increased so greatly it was hard to kill critters specifically with my skeleton-bound skill, it became far more luck-dependent.