"On enemy death" procs

I’m curious about how Abominable Might and others like it function. I can bind it to a melee combat skill or an area affect. Does the enemy have to be killed by the bound skill for it to proc (100% chance but still technically a proc)? And would it be better to bind it to an AOE to increase the number of enemy deaths it could proc from?

I know there is someone that knows the answer to this in this pool of experts.

Yes, thats how devotions work. You use the skill they are bound to for them to trigger.

More enemies hit = more chance to proc.

If the skill doesn’t kill anything… better not to use it then.

It is best to use it on an AoE skill. And yes, it only procs when the attached skill gets a kill.

Yeah, just AOE isn’t enough, you need kills. Binding to Curse of Frailty or Grasping Vines probably won’t return the results you hoped for.