One last topic for today - devotion puzzle


i dont figure out how to put all the devotion points to get this build:Shieldbreaker, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

for magi i need additional 3 green points, but i just have overall 7 points left (48/55).

can someone help me out here pls?


use filler devos

ah yeah, thor build, very nice, just missing the shoulders dammit.

thanks for that, i will use fillers.

developers: so, is there any chance that that will change in future or is it a feature and there is some exitement and fun attached to this?

why should it change?
it doesn’t hinder anything and actually allows you more devo freedom when devos can self carry like this

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ok, thats true, sure, I was just thinking about my personal experience and if playing I am always trying to avoid any frustration, but I think if you get used to this system it works fine.

its like paying for transmog, i dont get it, why dont get rid of these point system? :slight_smile:

btw: it worked with the spider as filler! thank you

because balance?

forces you to make build choices and compensate/tradeoff X for Y depending on what you might want
it’s an additional aspect of your char building and game balance as a whole

sounds reasonable! i am not to deep into that, just casual