Optical bug with Veilkeeper´s mask

Hey there,

So with this bug I´m not sure how it actually should look like. Grimtools depicts it like this.
That´s also how I see it in the stash:


However if I pick it up, if I put it in my inventory or if I equip it, it instantly shifts and looks like this:


Using, using GrimInternals, files´s been checked.

Is your char female? I heard some items took on a different appearance then.

Yep, male and female SR helm is different in apperance.

It is indeed… buffled.
As I understand this, the item is - for females - intended to look ALWAYS as a tiara? So the part with the stash would be the bug then?

The helm, by default, assumes the male appearance when in the stash. When in a female character’s inventory, it takes on the appearance for the female variant, reflecting how it looks when equipped.

This is to match the helms worn by the Korvan statues, which, if you look closely, are different between the male and female statues.

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Sexist helm!

One of my favourite designs in game btw (must be the four arms thing), but yeah the helms match the enemy helms:

Also their gloves are Turin’s Grip and their boots are Stonetreaders. You can cosplay those guys, though no four hands. :poop:

https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/12341 These are their pants. These three items were made purposely to fit with the Shattered Realm set, and the statues use the set.

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Oh hey, good finding. Didn’t know about the pants, because the SR armor skirt hides the legs anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, the chest armor’s skirt and boots hide most of it. And ironically those items no longer fit with the regular SR set, at least color scheme wise (it’s blue now). They fit with the Ceremonial version, which is the old SR set and basically an illusion now.

Let’s assume the statues lost their original color. Kinda like ancient Rome/Egypt:

PS. The male statue has a beard. Suggestion to include this beard when you use the male SR helm. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: