Origin of devotion proc abilities

Sorry if there is already a good resource for this but from my searching around I haven’t been able to find one. I am trying to figure out which devotion procs are centered on the target and which ones are centered on the player. I am building my first character as a ranged attacker and trial and error so far has found me running on more procs that seem to be centered on my character than ones centered on my target and those are not so useful when I am trying to stay at range as best I can. I have assigned some of those skills to pets so they have some usefulness to me but instead of blindly fumbling around the devotion tree it would be nice to know which abilities will proc at the target and which ones will center on me.

I am bad at explaining but most of the time you can some what guessed it by looking at the range of the devotion proc. Proc with shorter range example: Fiend’s Flame Torrent, Hammer of Targo, Leviathan are all aura/nova style proc while others like Tsunami, Bat’s Twin Fang, Amatok’s Blizzard, Ulzuin’s Torch Meteor Shower are all proc that randomly picks an enemy closer to you.

Source of the devotion proc can come from yourself, pets and non-pets (totems and mines) depending on which skill you assign it on. Assigning Tsunami to Lightning Totem will make it shoot out waves besides the normal lightning, assigning Flame Torrent to a Hellhound will make it become a moving, homing fireball, similarly, assigning Flame Torrent to Thermite Mines will cause it to become a flame pillar of doom.

Thanks for the response. At this point I am level 40 and I have Scorpion Sting which turned out to be a character focused proc so I have it on my briarthorn (and it works reasonably well) and Flame Torrent which also seems to be character focused so I have it assigned to another pet that is granted to me through an item. I am currently working toward Eldritch Fire in hopes that it will work with my main hand and from searching around that sounds like a somewhat common option so I suspect that will work as I want.

Based on your comments both of the ones I currently have are very short radius so I’m guessing those short radii indicate character emanating procs. Going off from there will things like AetherFire and Meteor Shower then proc at the location of the skill hit (if I assign to things like Flashbang/Canister Bomb) or in some random location centered on character/skill hit?

I think I’m getting a better feel for this now but if anyone knows of any other resources or ways to be clear on this I would love to hear them.