Other color for monster infrequent items

Been asked for several times and Zantai has already ruled it out due to the game being optimised for people with colour blindness issues.

I’m not sure how that would matter. Whether they can distinguish the new color or not, doesn’t really make it harder than it is now, with no difference at all.

Maybe it’s not a simple case of not seeing the colour it’s a case that the colours show differently and in some case the colours can be distracting. If you don’t understand, just have a look at the game in the various different colour-blind settings and you’ll get some slight idea just how colour-blindness works. It’s not just a simple case of not seeing red :wink:

I realize it’s not about “not seeing”. My brother is colored blind (he can’t tell you the difference between red and green on a stop light). It’s basically a matter of the colors just not being easily distinguished between others. The color blind settings doesn’t really give you a good idea at all, though there are some sites that can give an idea of what it’s like. The color settings simply changes color themes which are easier for colored blind players to see all the colors presented. The different settings are for different types of colored blind players.

Deuteranopia here, but the color choices in the game were pretty poor to begin with if they wanted to keep colorblindness in mind. Personally I favor the solution with built-in lettering like [M] for a monster infrequent instead of adjusting all coloring for that 2,3% of players who struggle with color (and that includes myself).

I can’t really see the difference between yellows and greens in the game but the filter solves that for me. If they would give MI’s a color that contrasts well with the current greens, then both could be distinguished easily without a filter.

Of course you could just use the GD Wiki list to know what items are MI’s.


But you still have to look at all current drops on the screen. Right now you look for the name of the item because that’s the only hint.

You can spot epic and legendary items right away because of their color, but you can’t spot MIs that same way.

In game right now is lot of colors: purple, yellow, green, orange and others! Nothing will change, if we will have another one! And other thing: if you hit one monster, for example, 50 times to hit out item, what you need, you will be more happyness, if this item will be black or other color! Not like green! When you see in other build green item, your think, that he don’t have good legendary! 99% green items is bad, and if color of this 1% will be other, you will see, that guy is spended lot of time to hit it out!

Simple solution - Have monster infrequents be colored the same way the monster is colored (e.g. red for nemesis infrequents; light purple for others).

I fail to understand how this can affect color blind individuals more than the current state of the game given the fact that these colors are already being used to distinguish monster variants.

Which does nothing for most MI’s which drop from non-boss/heroes. And simply adds to the confusion since there are already purple items ingame which aren’t MI’s. A slightly different green as used in TQAE for MI’s has already been suggested, but ruled out because of the colour blindness issue. I can’t see a lighter purple being different enough against other Legendary items either.

Add a star in MI names. Problem solved.

Example: * Shar’Zul’s Worldeater
or Shar’Zul’s Worldeater

I didn’t bother to edit the star well, btw. Just copied and pasted it.

The [M] or * idea would work for me.

The first option was actually a thing during a small period in testing but the devs ended up removing it.

Didn’t know that. But well, this would be actually a good solution (at least imo).

Item coloration to differentiate categories of loot is a solved problem. No need to reinvent the wheel. Crate obviously knows about this since they use the standard green-blue-purple rarity sequence (though they do put yellow between white and green at the trash end, which I haven’t seen elsewhere).

If MIs are intended to be considered different from generic greens (and my understanding is that they are), they should be one of the standard RPG loot colors that GD hasn’t used yet, so orange, pink, or cyan. Maybe there are other options too; I’m basing this on my experience with the Borderlands series and various MMOs. :stuck_out_tongue:

As others have pointed out, the color-blind issue is irrelevant. Right now, zero players can visually distinguish an MI from a generic green. Considering how many different RPGs use the white-green-blue-purple-orange (pink, cyan) loot palette, I’d be surprised if any type of colorblindness rendered those colors degenerate with each other. And even if they do, colorblind players would be no worse off than they are now when it comes to distinguishing MIs.

The suggestion that players alt-tab out of the game to look up every single green drop they find should be self-evidently absurd… :rolleyes:

If MI’s aren’t intended to be considered any different than generic greens, that would render this discussion moot. Hopefully someone can clarify if indeed that is the case.

Here is the quote:

And if they implement this, then I would assume each quality will get its own symbol.

Is it possible to make it so that you can show only MIs and above WITHOUT changing MI’s color?

We could then choose the filter to show:

  • all
  • magics +
  • rares +
  • MIs +
  • epic +
  • legendary only

Just a thought, but dunno if it’s possible.

Bad idea. It would not change anything because most people filter rare+ items. Items stay green even if MI (not counting legendary MI), and many people won’t even realize if they picked a MI or not if they haven’t learned all MIs in the game. I sometimes read the name of an item or look at the item look to check if it’s a MI or not, if I am not sure I just don’t care.

I thought most people showed green, just so they can see the MI’s. But if they did change it so you can filter out the normal greens, it would almost be the same as having a new color.

It wasn’t, it looked awful.