Other games

Anyone can recommend games similiar to this one?

There are quite a few. :slight_smile: Also GD gets a xpac in 2 days :wink:

Titan Quest Immortal Throne
Path of Exile
Diablo 2 and 3
Torchlight 1 and 2
The Van Helsing series

And probably a lot more that i cannot think of off the top of my head.

Victor Vran

If you don’t mind an ugly graphic and some weirdness here and there there are soldak games : Din’s curse ( arpg with all elements of the genre) introduce a town defense mechanic in the soup, Drox operative is an arpg scifi with 4x elements (love this one), last soldak work is zombasite arpg/4x/town defense and survival.

Titan Quest Immortal Throne is probably the closest since Grim Dawn uses the same gaming engine and class structure.

Otherwise it depends on how close you want to be - plenty of RPG choices out there. Others I’ve played over the years: Sacred, Two Worlds, Divine Divinity.

Path of Exile is probably closest, apart from Titan quest of course


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Poe for sure

D3 sometimes, mostly season journay

looking forward to anno 1800!

Are they going backwards in time on the Anno series again? Might be able to drum up some enthusiasm then, but wasn’t that keen on 1701 really. 1404 wasn’t that great either. 1503 was the best. :slight_smile: Must try and get it to run on my PC again.

This is going to be a pretty blatant opinion post so break out the grains of salt

Daunting skill tree, absolute slave to metas to “No Fun Allowed” levels, F2P model which may or may not be a good/bad thing

Diablo 2 took a nosedive after LoD patch 1.10 dropped, Diablo 3 is consistently mediocre with a really silly loot drop system and some blatant nostalgia cashgrab crap going on. There are some very interesting mods for D2 (like MedianXL) though.

Both fairly fun but Runic cannot into balance (and is dead now, RIP), and T2 in particular is full of strange and needlessly convoluted or outright nonsensical formulae

Only one I haven’t played, so idk. It’s cheap on places like GoG I think.

MUCH SALT. :rolleyes:

Not really, i agree with most of your points, these were just the games that came to mind when i read the OP. Nothing more, nothing less :wink: