Outfit stat change

What do you think about outfit stat change?
For example, I want to deal elemental damage by two-handed melee weapon, but there is only 1 suitable weapon in the game: Mythical Arcanor, Blade of the Luminari…but it has +25% casting speed and no atk speed.
It will be great if I can take another legendary weapon with +% atk speed and change +% cast speed stat on my weapon to +% atk speed.

And I talk not only about similar stats. I talk about “stat sockets”. So you can make weapon which gives only atk speed, no damage, no health, nothing more.

Also you can replace skills. Thus, for example, every outfit will have 9 stat sockets and 1 skill socket.

Um, a lot of work rebalancing every item in the game to compensate and for what gain? There are plenty of items in the game with a ton more to come with the Forgotten Gods expansion. Plus there are plenty of Epic and Legendary two-handed melee weapons dealing elemental damage which have attack speed as part of their stats. Mythical Arcanor is just one of them.

Ye, saw a couple, not plenty. But still… half of their stats are unnecessary for my build. I mean, there are a great variety in builds that outfit doesn’t support. Thats why a lot of people make their builds proceeding from legendary outfit, don’t select outfit for thier builds. Or do, but these builds are so sick, that can’t clean the last DLC without pain and suffering.

Let mortals extract item skill modifiers and transfer them to other gear with a special npc. The npc should be some sort of the sand wizard and carry a big cube, no wait - sphere! :cool:

This would be an absolute nightmare to balance because of all the combinations possible. Also, just because some of stats aren’t useful to you, doesn’t mean it’s not useful to others. An item can support different builds.

Balance? What does it mean?
Balance is a fable, an utopia. It can’t be reached.
For now, story bosses are a bit challenging when playing solo. When play 4 people - game becomes like kindergarten, only few bosses (ravager, lokarr etc) can bite a little. Is it balance? Die only because i lagged when was staying in puddle?

no one has ever claimed that multiplayer is balanced.

Doesn’t mean that balance should be broken instead. The devs are clearing striving for the best possible balance they can achieve and your suggestion would be extremely difficult to balance.

And multiplayer is unbalanced, everyone knows that. Game is built around single player and not multiplayer. Multiplayer is an afterthought, just something so people can play together.

that doesn’t mean that we should just throw any attempts at obtaining some semblance of balance out and give up on the concept completely

It won’t be imbalance cause there are a lot of limits in the game. And i think, that it won’t be problem to make, for example, +4000% dmg limit, or, in my idea, only one socket for one type of damage/resistance or smth like this, but it will be choice of stats what really needed. And upgrade stats which are weaker like change +95% dmg to +98%. And may be skills cant recieve more than 20 point. Also there can be one more difficulty (or “rebalance”) with -% resist and +enemy power.

I’m sure they can balance this, no one said otherwise. The problem is that it would take an insane amount of balancing to not make this broken because of the huge amount of combinations possible. And putting restrictions on stuff like the amount of % damage modifier you can have to put an extremely difficult system to balance system seems not worth it to me.

The current balance takes into consideration what stats each item has. Being able to freely change these stats would throw it out of wack and needing extra rebalance.

And the devs are not adding more difficulties when game having three difficulties, basically forcing every character through three playthroughs, is a rather common complaint, in this forum and outside of it.

I think it is pretty good that items with powerful stats also has some drawback or something that you need to work around. In the case of Mythical Arcanor, let’s say I want to use it for idk Cadence. Then I need to get attack speed elsewhere. (Mythical Arcanor is designed for Forcewave, hence its casting speed)

Leviathan with 20%+ attack speed would be ridiculous. It’s pretty much the epitomy of “slow but high damage stat stick” but adding major attack speed to it would remove its major weakness.

This thread evokes fond memories of Torchlight 2 and 10-socket weapons and armor filled completely with damage reduction and critical damage gems.

This whole concept is so alien to how bonus stats are currently being done that this would be a major undertaking to implement. Adding the limits is trivial, the rest is the hard part :wink:

I just wanted to add that I always wanted GD to be able to make toasts. Devs?

To me it’s a 100% replica of D3’s feature where items exactly have “stat slots” and you’re allowed to reroll one of them into something else from the list. Stats are separated into primary and secondary though, so you can’t reroll say 15% chance to freeze an enemy into attack speed.