Overguard skill from gear vs. mastery skill

I was wondering if the overguard granted skill from gear stacks with the overguard skill from the Soldier mastery? Do they act independently of each other, stack, or replace each other?

I want to know too as I’ve found no definite answer from google.

i see no reason why they souldn’t stack

If the gear gives +1 to overguard, then in affects overguard skill.

If it is a granted skill it is entirely separate skill and not impacted by the the other.

No, they’re talking about gear that grants Overguard as a granted skill, like the Devil’s Crossing belt (I think), stacking/happening at the same time as OG from Soldier tree.

I honestly have no idea.

Just some clarification to this question, as I wondered myself when I noticed 2 Overguard buffs on my bar, so I tested it

And it stacks

I have level 7 Overguard(90%), a 375 blocking damage shield and a Devil’s Cord(15%) belt equipped in the pictures

Overguard applies it’s % increase to block damage to the base blocking damage of your shield and then adds that to your total blocking damage

Overguard Talent is 416 + (375*.9) = 753.5 rounded up to 754

Overguard Talent + Overguard Item Proc is 416 + (375*.9) + (375*.15) = 809.75 rounded up to 810
Or simply 416 + (375*1.05) = 809.75 rounded up to 810

The block recovery and I assume the other stats stack this way as well