Painzapper - DoT stacking build concept / questions

I’ve started a Purifier (Inquisitor/Demolitionist) around the idea of using multiple skills with DoT effects. Word of Pain, then Storm Box, and base Stun Jacks with max Full Spread.

Has anyone tried anything like this, and how’d it work out? I am just finally starting to really play this game and haven’t taken any character past 50 yet. Any other variations on this concept that might work well, or particular pieces of gear with transmuters I should keep an eye out for?

You should look for the following MI: Overseer Eye, Ulraprax’s Sting, Chosen Mask and Bargoll’s Heart.

For endgame legendaries, Mythical Gildam Arcanum Commendation and Light’s Guardian set are probably what you want to build around.

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You will absolutely want Mythical Temporal Tempest as well if you plan to use Word of Pain. It will help focus the damage to mostly lightning instead of an elemental mix, and it will give you more lightning resist reduction for stormbox and stun jacks

has no +% electrocute damage though

Damn, that does kinda hurt it a bit I suppose

Perhaps one can hope for a well rolled Bargoll heart