Paper Blademaster problems

I have a lvl 47 Blademaster who just dies easily on Veteran. I spent the last two days reading topics and studying builds. I never used Pneumatic Burst and Blade Barrier that was a huge mistake. I modified my build now and added Military conditioning too. I have two imprtant questions:

-I spent all my points till lvl 47 on Cunning and none on Physique. I know it was wrong but if I spend the rest of my points on Physique will that be enozgh later on or is my char trash now?

-Is Cadence a good choice for main(left click) attack? Or was that a mistake too? I never used any AoE skills. A lot of players love Ring of Steel and Phantasmal Blade but I think I don’t need them. I have AoE proc skills from devotion and large group of enemys die easily and quick. I have only problem at heroes and bosses. Probably couse I never had elemental resist and my physique sucks…

There are plenty of blademasters with 0 physique, I have not played recently after the massive nerf to DM set but it should still work

I’ve just made a blademaster. Lvl 30 no physique and it’s a breeze. Mine won’t be using Cadence because I want to make him a WPS blademaster so I have the Troll relic for auto attack and I will switch to Shard of Beronath.

I don’t know what skills you have and resistance but a BM can survive very well. Time your strike, Use Ring of steel with 1 point at least for some AOE and to interrupt mobs. time your PB. Get Life steal! very important. From weapons, rings, amlulets, Hollowed fang or ideally Hunted steel in weapon(use the ability in booss fights or tough crowds). You should be fine.

For devotions, early game Falcon Swoop on auto attack and when you have 14 devotion points (and i’m sure you do at your level) Get Blades of Wrath on auto attack and then you will destroy. Lion+Throne or Harpy and ascendant + order crossroads.

Edit: I just noticed you don’t have elemental resists. You will be crushed in elite if you don’t. Get resists :slight_smile:

One question, since u are talking about bm, and I didnt want to make a new topic. How good is attack damage to health conversion? I read on forum, some ppl say it isnt good , some say otherwise.
Actually i thought about making a WH, focused on attack damage to hp, on hardcore.

So no need of Physique, just need life leech and much better resists…understood. Will try but it is so annoying that the first 3/4 of the game was easy and fun and the last few hours on normal was a shitshow. I died so many times…now I know why. :stuck_out_tongue: My bad!

If you are doing enough damage and have enough %life steal it’s good enough. At my level (30) dual blades are maxed, all procs have lvl 5 (because it’s a wps build, will max them eventually) and Wtih a Hounted steel in the main weapon it does the job. When things get rough I activat blood thrister. Character is self found except for the haunted steel, If you mind that just use hollowed Fang and any piece of equippment with Vampiric prefix on it.

As far as HC. Keep in mind that for lifesteal to work, you need to be in battle so in potential danger. You also need to know what you can life steal or not. There aren’t many immune to it but there are some. Anasteria, Zantarin, other undead bosses…oh and the Obsidian fellows in BOC (or crucible), watch out for those because they are also immune to it and are also heavy hitters. They are slow so just take them out quickly.

Try to max those resists, especially for the type of damage you are receiving in a given zone. At low levels I often carry a stash of belts that can fill in any gaps. I run a cadence BM (self-found) and I had no problems at your level on Veteran. I put points into Cadence and then focused on leveling the mastery bars.

I would recommend at least 1 point in Ring of Steel + transmuter, it is excellent CC - it will become way more necessary as you progress to elite and ultimate. Definitely get some points in PB and utilize it constantly - you can time your PB heals and RoS stuns to allow for face-tanking without having to run, just the occasional potion. In my personal experience ADCtH doesn’t give as much benefit until elite and ultimate - typically not doing enough damage to see a huge difference at low levels.

Also, you can make an all cunning BM, but if this is your first character/BM it is going to make life rough for you. I would recommend some points in physique, it makes gearing a lot easier and gives you more HP to work with. Without enough HP/DA, you will be getting 1-shotted on ultimate regularly.

Thanks again, for help man. Yeah, some enemies are immune to life steal, thats why I wanted to go occultist as a second class, because od blood of dreeg, just to ne safe. And as WH, i have 2 on use heals.

Tried the alterations yesterday and life is now much easier!!! A few more points on physique…will try that too. It’s time to farm some levels! :wink: Thank you guys!

make sure all of your gear has components added and augmented too from here on out. The resistance hits from elite and ult make resistances extremely important, so fill them in by adding to your gear

You can definitely go light on physique and still succeed BUT if you are already getting smashed up on normal difficulty I doubt it is likely that you will succeed with such low physique.

The damage amp in elite/ultimate can get fairly fierce if you aren’t used to it.

As for damaging skills Cadence is a good choice for a pierce BM, just make sure to have really high armor piercing % weapons and get the Blades of Nadaan constellations and the armor piercing weapon component (or use Derm weapons with their native 50% armor pierce). Cadence will easily beat out anything like Troll Rage or Beronath at the top levels and is a good choice for dealing with bosses provided you can last long enough toe to toe for a few good whacks.

@“Preatorian” The reason you see vastly conflicting reports on lifesteal is it used to be just about everything and its dog was immune on elite+ difficulty - well at least all bosses and higher. It is much more usable now but certain enemies are still either immune or just about immune (obsidian shale enemies).

Ok, thanks a lot.
Still i cant make a choice between BM and WH. Wanted to go pierce damage with cadence ( already have 3 warborn parts ), but blood of dreeg is so appealing because of the good hp per second and physical res later on with armor of the guardian, or how is it called.
If i am to go BM pierce cadence build , will farm dermapteran slicers, and if i decide to go WH i would go vitality focused with x2 damnation because i have a blueprint for it…

From my experience, haviong both BM and WH at level 85, i can say this: whatever defence and HP regen the blood of dreeg line gives you, is not as good as the combined defensive skills you get as a BM: military conditioning, DA and armor from field command, armor absorption from scars of battle… no to mention more phys and hp from the mastery bar.

Only limit fo BM is tham most of the builds are very gear dependant, but if you have already 3 warborn parts…