Patrols and Wandering Monsters

Here is a basic tutorial in making Proxy/Enemy Patrols and Proxy/Enemy Wandering monster(s).

Patrols obviously will have singular or multiple enemies patrol multiple points.

Wandering monster(s) will allow enemies to move about within a certain range as opposed to staying still.

1: In the Level Editor create or choose the Region you wish to have either make a Patrol or Wandering monster(s).

2: Like the picture create (Crate icon top left on the toolbar) 2 pairs of Proxy enemies and singular enemies (shown on the right side).
Proxies: records/proxies/area001 - choose and place a proxy that can move
Enemies: records/creatures/enemies - choose and place an enemy that can move

3: Like the picture create 2 pairs of patrolpoint_02 and patrolpoint_03 which show as the purple exclamation marks. Also make 2 npcwanderpoint_12m which show as the orange exclamation marks. patrolpoint_01 and other npcwanderpoints can also be used - but for this tutorial weren’t due to smaller icon size
Patrol & Wander points: records/controllers/controlobjects

4: Click the Group/Link tool (Icon that looks like 2 boxes linked with smaller boxes) where we’ll use it to make groups. You will see “Name” “Properties” and “Link Mode”. Name will name the group that you make, Properties you choose what kind of group you want and Link Mode you use to link groupls together.

5: Click on “New” and give the new group a name (ProxyPatrol1) and select “ProxyPatrollers”. Then select the proxy creature that you have on your region - this should make a red box around the proxy creature (black if the group isn’t selected).

EnemyPatrol1 would use “Patrollers” instead of “ProxyPatrollers”
Proxy/Enemy Wanderers should use “Any Entity”.
Patrol Points use “Patrol Points” and Wander Points use “Wander Points”

6: Create and name 7 other new groups and attach them to the following:

“ProxyPatrol1Points” group --> click on the 2 patrol points next to your proxy
“EnemyPatrol1” group --> singular enemy next to the 2 patrol points
“EnemyPatrol1Points” group --> click on the 2 patrol points next to your singular enemy

“ProxyWanderer1” --> click on the proxy next to your wanderer point
“ProxyWanderer1Point” --> click on the wanderer point next to your proxy
“EnemyWanderer1” --> click on the singular enemy next to the wanderer point
“EnemyWanderer1Point” --> click on the wanderer point next to your singular enemy

The result should look like the picture below:

7: Finally it’s time to link the points to the proxies/singular enemies. While still in Group check “Link Mode” and then match each proxy/enemy to their respective points.

Click “ProxyPatrol1” group name with Link Mode checked and then click on the circle that was made between the 2 grouped patrol points. This should make a purple triangle appear linking the proxy to the middle of the patrol points.

Then click “ProxyPatrol1Points” group name with Link Mode checked and then click on the proxy enemy. This too will then make a purple triangle appear between the two.

Do the same with the other 3 examples of EnemyPatrol1/Points, ProxyWanderer1/Point, EnemyWanderer1/Point.

Save the level, quit the Editor and then go to the Asset Manager and Build. Make sure you have a spawnpoint for your character.

Result should be 2 different patrols (1 a group of enemies and 1 being a single enemy) and 2 different wanderers (1 a group of enemies and 1 being a single enemy).

Attachment: Patrol1.jpg
Attachment: Patrol2.jpg
Attachment: Patrol3.jpg

Note that I may refine this tutorial as it may be a bit confusing.

That or I’ll just use 1 example rather then 4.

Also I’m still experimenting with Wandering Points as their use isn’t as clear cut as Patrol Points + enemies that I used (zombies) don’t really move around that much.

edit: One other thing - though this method does work it could be that I am over complicating the steps needed in which case I’ll continue to experiment and see if I can improve the tutorial and it’s steps.