PAX East 2017

For anyone keeping up with our Dev Streams, your random sneak peeks into the expansion will have to wait this Friday as I will be attending PAX East as a civilian.

Anyone going to the event this Friday with really keen eyesight can look out for somebody in a Grim Dawn Dev T shirt and a 38 Studios messenger bag mixed among the thousands of attendees.

It’s like live-action Where’s Waldo, on ultra hard mode.

Easy. We’ll just hold up a sign that says, “Free doughnuts for Crate Entertainment employees here.”

Stream your visit with your cellular device. :wink: That would be pretty interesting.

Who is gonna stop Grava from “accidentally” leaking us a sneak peak if you’re not on twitch monitoring what he shows us. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, we know you will just be wearing a GD zentai suit, wont be hard to see you at all :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

Just wear one of these, and people are bound to find you easily… :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, he will most likely be accompanied by David Hasselhoff, who happens to be a huuuge (use best Trump voice here) GD fan.

Upon request I may or may not be able to doctor up evidence of Zantai attempting to eat twinkies while actually wearing a Zentai and simultaneously arm-wrestling the 'huf (David Hasselhoff) and laughing thru a giant orange Trump-et megaphone.

I know what you’re thinking. WTF?! I assure you that they get much weirder. If you could only see what I’ve seen and tried to unsee but alas, the world no work that way.

Editor’s note: Giggity

People for the love of Empyrion post some serious suggestions!!!

Like offer Zantai some drinks and ask him about expansion info (or put truth serum in it).
We can’t let this opportunely slip though our fingers, so anyone that lives nearby should go to Pax 2017.

Yup. Nothing says serious like a lil date rape =/

I will be attending PAX East as a civilian.

but you aren’t that hard to spot :D:p

Yeah… but now stick him in a crowd like this

and it is a Where’s Waldo scenario :slight_smile:

and then you eat/drink something wrong and spend the day in the restroom… CHEATS!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

hope you’ll have fun. Better give something sneak peakish when you’re back though.

for me it isn’t, i am very good in recognizing faces :wink:

All you people trying to find Zantai…I’d be careful if I were you. No doubt he has a protective ward from evil medierra. One wrong move and you wind up like Ulgrim, in a desolate world with poor droprates!

…or is that just real life?

Any one a ginger?, so Zantai can’t waste your soul.:rolleyes: