Performance of Radeon RX 550 / RX 570

Does anybody have these GPUs and could share his settings along with average frames per second in Grim?

I have i52500k@4,5ghz + rx570 GD run smooth on fhd, constant 60fps, settings not evertything on max. There are dips to 45pfs sometimes in more crowded areas like SR70+ and high cruci levels. All in all not that bad for so mediocre setup. If you want I can put here a screenshot of my settings. I can also provide some video if you want to see how game looks like on my rig.

A screenshot of settings would be useful, thanks.
I consider buying one of these cards, but it already looks like RX 550 won’t fulfill my hopes.

I play with this settings now.

Game looks like this:

I have a rx580 card. Average fps since i started playing below:

My ingame settings:

Thanks. These settings look desirable, but RX 580 is too power hungry for my taste. I’ll wait to see what RX 6xx has to offer.