Just wondering if you use CE to make a trainer and use icons or images from Grim Dawn itself, like the icon for the from the gd.exe etc do you need to supply some kind of general permission from crate before you can upload that to nuxusmods and other mod sites?

Attachment: Grim Dawn side image.png
Attachment: Untitled.png

I don’t think you need to get permission, mentioning that the art was taken from the game in a readme should be enough.

Granted, if Crate were the suing kind my answer would be different…

Hmm I must have done something wrong cause my file is still under moderation…hmm

Only thing I can think of is the icon I used and maybe the side image I originally used, see attachments.

That said since then I have made my own ico and side image but dunno how to proceed at nexusmods…

I have had an account there since 2015 but this was the first time I uploaded anything and not sure how to proceed with them since my file “THIS FILE IS CURRENTLY UNDER MODERATOR REVIEW”.

I would like to simply remove the file and reupload a little later the updated version but you can’t do this while it’s being looked at. They seem really picky and don’t seem keen on giving newbs at this a much of a chance.