Pet Build's Lack of AOE

Now I’m playing a pet build using The Lazy Pokemaster build. I’m currently level 29. My pets(hellhound and briarthorn) are very slow to clear out packs. Any suggestions to fix?

When i was that level playing through, I noticed this, but just wait and keep playing. once you reach epic and you start getting end game gear, your pets will start clearing everything super fast.

You should post this in the Lazy Pokemon Master thread. You’ll find minor tweaks there.

Not all pet builds are the same, and many of mine actually have very strong AoEs. The problem, in fact, is that for anything that isn’t a conjurer the loss of Primal Spirit for massive single target burst is very noticeable.

The AOE comes from devotions, it will get better once you get rover faction items at 35

I made a small vid some time ago showing the importance of some of the “on attack” pet buffs in the devotion system using a maxed out “Hellhound”.

Your pets turn into roided spider-monkeys when both “howl of mogdrogen” and “shepherd’s call” proc. Both have relatively low cooldown as well. But it’s not possible to have either of this devotion skills early game. You can rush one of them but not both.

Personally the 2nd post in this thread answered your question. Level 29 is early game. Some of my hybrids don’t surpass their master until late into elite or early on Ultimate depending on what I chose.

If you’re going full-pet and only using CoF you’re pretty much item reliant and AoE proc reliant (assuming you at least tied one devotion skill to your pets). But this means the constant bursts of speed from “on attack” procs are missing and I feel they should not be overlooked on any pet build.