Pet hybrid Vit/Chaos Caster Build, What do you think?


Need some resistance and da. Other than that it looks good on theory.

What do you guys think?

This is an interesting idea for a build. It looks like it could be workable and fun through normal or veteran difficulty.

But, I think that even after optimizing skills, devotions, and gearing the synergies you’re looking to leverage through both summoning and casting are not that strong. Absent strong synergies to leverage, the splitting of investments between making pets stronger, boosting vitality damage, and boosting chaos damage will likely to lead to difficulties scaling damage up high enough for the later stages of the game.

I could be wrong, of course, and hopefully I am if you’re planning on taking this build through all three difficulties.

The Shard of Beronath on the focus has me confused.

Otherwise, i’m hesitant to say if it’ll work. For one thing, Ch’thonians are going to give you a headache as you don’t have a ton of chaos resist reduction and vitality could be a bit higher.

You need more RR. With hybrids specially a hybrid with only 1 pet.

The general rule of thumb does not change with pet builds. You still need a flat source of RR and few percentage based for decent clear speed. With Chaos builds - Manticore is a “must have”. You can also take “Necrosis” relic to further amplify the damage output.

Other than that your armour is so low that any 1-2 powerful melee attacks are going to drop your character. I like your setup but falls short.

Finally your damage of your pets is too low. You need at least +500% for them to be of any use. - Here’s one I’m working on but I need to hunt down a few greens to alleviate my elemental resist problem. The alternative is to take the Raven and max out Storm Spirit.