Pet Item Changes Discussion

For those of us who like Pets (especially niche builds), i decided to list the changes in the Public Test Changelog so that we can discuss them more easily. Share your thoughts!


  • Faction - Bysmiel’s Grasp: added 16% Cast Speed
  • Relic - Bysmiel’s Domination: added 5% Physical Resist and 40 Defensive Ability, removed % All damage and % Chaos damage and removed Chaos damage for the player from the skill proc

Monster Infrequents

  • Ascendant Cowl: increased bonus to Summon Briarthorn to +3
  • Bloodsworn Codex: reduced % Damage Modified modifier for Summon Briarthorn to 30%
  • Chosen Visage: increased bonus to Summon Hellhound to +3. Increased Fire damage modifiers for Flame Touched and Summon Hellhound to 33 and 50, respectively.
  • Korvaak’s Burning Blade: removed % Attack Speed for pets. Increased % Attack Speed modifier for Flame Touched to 12% and its Vitality dealt as Fire modifier to 100%. Added 36 Burn damage / 3s modifier for Flame Touched.
  • Salazar’s Sovereign Blade: reduced effectiveness of granted pet’s Resist Reduction debuff and its Nova ability
  • Zaria’s Pendant: reduced % Damage Modified modifier for Summon Briarthorn to 25%

Epic Items

  • Corruptor of Souls Set: increased Vitality damage for pets on the skill proc
  • Mythical Corruptor’s Mantle: added 25% stun resist for pets
  • Mythical Corruptor’s Mask: added 18% Chaos Resist and increased Vitality damage for pets to 12
  • Mythical Corruptor’s Robe: added 480 Health
  • Desecrator Covenant Set: added 8% Attack Speed for pets bonus and increased % Physical dealt as Chaos for pets to 100% on the granted skill
  • Mythical Unholy Mantle of the Covenant: added 18% Elemental Resist and increased Defensive Ability to 55
  • Mythical Unholy Sigil of the Covenant: added 18% Pierce Resist and 280 Health
  • Mythical Unholy Visage of the Covenant: added 5% Defensive Ability for pets
  • Mythical Bloodied Dagger of the Covenant: increased Chaos damage for pets to 12
  • Mogdrogen’s Peace Set: replaced Bleed damage for pets with Physical damage for pets
  • Mythical Blessed Cleaver of Mogdrogen: increased Physical damage for pets to 24

Legendary Non-Set Items

  • Mythical Dracarris: added 4% Physical Resist modifier for Flame Touched
  • Mythical Gaze of Khonsar: reduced Fire damage for pets to 8 and reduced Fire damage for pets on the skill proc
  • Mythical Will of Bysmiel: replaced bonus to Manipulation with +1 to Occultist Skills
  • Will of Bysmiel: replaced bonus to Manipulation with +1 to Occultist Skills

No changes in Legendary Pet sets, devotions or skills.

A few of my builds will be impacted by these changes. Specifically, any of my Shaman builds due to the nerfs to Zaria’s Pendant and Bloodsworn Codex which amounts to a 10% damage loss for Briarthorn. It’s not an insignificant number but it could have been worse, i suppose. The modifiers are still powerful and relevant so i don’t see any need for replacements. Interestingly, only Briarthorn got targeted in the Amulet. Hellhound keeps its 30% modifier. The key difference is the +1 to Shaman skills which makes the item a lot more relevant to that mastery. The +2 to Ember Claw is completely negligible, especially because people don’t really invest points into it most of the time.

One of my builds that is going to be affected the most (if the changes go through) is this one. The Chosen Visage is getting a massive buff which adds a lot of extra flat fire damage. The Dracarris got a very minor buff that doesn’t really help with its main problem which is the fact that the proc can’t be used against single targets or groups of high health enemies. The component skill is also losing its crit damage modifier which will weaken my ability to fight against stronger opponents. And the Gaze of Khonsar is also getting nerfed which is an item that i would use in this build for sure if i had it.

I appreciate the added cast speed to Bysmiel’s Grasp which was a suggestion i made. It will be very helpful in my Cold Pets Druid even though it’s also being affected by the nerfs to the pendant and codex. The changes to the Bysmiel’s Domination relic are also very good as the damage values were negligible even for a hybrid build. The extra DA and phys res will be very helpful and it will make this relic a more interesting option.

I don’t have much to say about the other changes as i haven’t really experimented much with any of these sets or items but i’ll say that the Korvaak’s Burning Blade is a very interesting conversion option that could be utilized for non-pet builds.


Ok, I’ll bite

Overall a lot of good changes, smart thinking on the burning blade, less speed and more demo buffs. It seems to me now the conduit could use a more interesting angle than vit->fire

I think this is a really bad idea and unnecessary to fix the issue. Bloodsworn codex isn’t overpowered, its weaker than fleshwarped archive as the briarthorn is more defensive and benefits less from cdr in casual gameplay these books are very mundane mediocre items, now the codex even more.

The situation here is very different from the book, the zaria pendant is OP on conjurers but trying to fix that with -5% on the briar is an act of desperation, I would remove it entirely and put +30% on blightfiends instead and +2 to ground slam, so everybody gets a fair share. Actually this might make it possible to set the books at 40%.

Regardless, changes to these items can also be avoided with a some small overall damage nerfs on beastcaller or a -10% Dmg penalty on briarthorn when the set is completed. the pendant and the book account for much greater part of actual gameplay and should in my opinion be viable in many varieties of builds instead of being sacrificed for the beastcaller template build only.

It was recently pointed out to me by the OP, ‘on death’ skills could work for weapon switch builds, if that is a non-existent thing than I applaud the introduction of such builds and i would like to see such items recalibrated to not have bonuses that causes skills or stats to switch off.

I just wish Bysmiel’s Domination didn’t have to be nerfed :frowning:

How, in any way or form is a single farmable item that guarantees 30% Total Damage and -8 sec CDR mundane, mediocre or not OP?

With 2 Briarthorns, you are getting 2.6x damage + that CDR will help tremendously against superbosses and Deep SR since Briarthorns, tanky as they may be can still die.

I would be drooling atm if Codex gave those bonuses to Birbs instead for eg.

Tbh, that would just make the greens even more mandatory than they are atm.
Personally, I would prefer the items be taken in an entirely different direction than Total Damage or such modifiers be given to items that cannot be used with the Beastcaller Set.

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Are Briars OP even with amulet + codex though? Surely guys from Crate, when making those modifiers, didn’t think “just slap total damage on it for nothing, uh-huh-huh”. Out of all pet builds I played (Lost Souls and Ghol Cabalists, 2 Familiars Conjurer) Briars seem to be the weakest damage-wise - and that’s with 65% total damage! Mine Beastcaller is physical though, so I don’t know shit about lightning/cold/whatever variations.

Anyway, Hellhound part of Beastcaller is gar-bitch, Primal Spirit part was moved to other items, which is fair I guess. So you either focus on Briars or you focus on Manticore - that’s all there’s to it. I actually shudder at the thought of playing physical and/or bleed Briars without that 65% total damage.

When I talked about bloodsworn codex in casual games i was referring to how the item is mostly used in practice by average players, meaning

-1 briarthorn
-physical/bleeding dmg
-no conversions
-no full beastcaller set

in that context +35% is not overpowered at all, it is exactly as I said: very mundane mediocre item, CDR is pointless in that context, if in casual campaign play a briathorn can’t live its default cooldown the build has fundamental issues.

in my opinion this kind of balancing is exactly what people talk about when average players are being punished for endgame lab experiments

also mathematically it makes no sense then to keep fleshwarped archive at 35%, since in the same context of casual play it will be slightly better as hellhound is a more offensive pet.


agree with this, I don’t understand why chaos dmg on player needs to be removed, looks like nerfing a hybrid pet build somebody may want to make some day that poses no danger to the game’s balance

If a player is going for one Briarthorn, no conversions and no full beastcaller, the build is already having fundemental issues.

And CDR is never pointless. If you think a +35% Total Damage modifier is not overpowered and is mundane and mediocre, I am glad that you are not in charge of game balance.

Balance is not done based on that.

You could give a new player every single item ingame and a fully leveled blank char and I guarantee you that they are still going to struggle.

Does that mean a global buff is necessary? no.

You do not balance around bad builds.


I was talking about the leveling phase. A good player can walk around with a single physical briarthorn anywhere between level 1-100, without having found beastcaller or conversion items, but well optimized self-found greens/blues, this is actually the ‘majority of gameplay’ and relevant for balancing.

And I literally wrote a pet guide about how you can go 1-100 even mono class with random items and without having to optimize or farm for anything.

Only… it is not.

If you want to know how balancing works during leveling, people have done HC hardcore on ultimate, classless.

Even if the item were to be deleted entirely, it would have 0 effect on “balance” during leveling phase.


Nature’s Call Regalia: reduced Physical damage bonus for pets to 10

Mythical Beastcaller’s Talisman: reduced Physical damage modifier for Summon Briarthorn to 22 and increased Physical damage modifier for Summon Hellhound to 44

Mogdrogen’s Pact: increased Physical damage scaling with rank

These were recently added to the patch notes. Beastcaller set is getting slammed with another nerf. It’s a loss of 5 physical flat to all pets and 13 to Briarthorns on the talisman while Hellhound gains 9 on the talisman. Such compensation, much wow… Is this happening because of the increased physical damage scaling on Mog’s Pact?

I get it. The set is strong, Briarthorn is strong. But why throw a very tiny compensation to a skill that isn’t even the focus of the set? Is this a way to force the set into a Conjurer exclusive choice? Why not throw that tiny flat physical into Conjure Primal Spirit instead? The set lost its Primal Spirit bonus a long time ago and has only one bonus for full completion. Well, the result of this is that all my Pet shaman builds are losing damage with no compensation anywhere. Winter King Trickster, Cold Pets Druid, Acid/Bleed Ritualist. These are all niche builds and not game breakers. Isn’t Conjurer already the strongest Pet class? Why hurt other choices?

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these changes make sense, but then really the bloodsworn codex should stay at 35%

it will make the zaria pendant a bit less threatening, but I would still like to see some more creativity with this item.

I want an item that teach my pet how to make coffee :unamused:


In case anyone else is asking the same question, the reason the Briarthorns get the “Total Damage Modified” buff instead of just buffing the base damage of the skill is that the “Total Damage Modified” buff comes after the enemy’s defenses, while a straight buff to the Physical damage would get affected by Armor.

Builds that get total conversion AND the “total damage modified” buff were definitely OP, so it’s a challenge to find a way to nerf that while also not hurting single-Briarthorn builds who don’t have the set. Conversion is readily available through MI’s, so any “casual” player should not feel intimidated by that.

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How people seriously think a nerf from 35% to 30% total damage modified is too much of a nerf is beyond me. Imo it needs to be nerfed down to something between 15% to 1%, or simply completely removed. It’s a way too strong modifier on an item that’s not breaking the beastcaller set like @Maya mentioned. Same thing goes for the Zaria amulet.

The only way how I can see the current %modifers being ok is when the items also convert the briarthorn’s damage away from physical to some other dmg type (not to fire). This could be used to buff some of the more niche variants of briarthorn builds.

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I could also see Maya’s suggestion of shifting some or all of the modifier’s power to item slots that conflict with the full Beastcaller set like the medal. Then you’re choosing between 2 standard Briarthorns or 1 significantly amped up Briarthorn.

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65% or even still 55% (times two) multiplicative damage increase on non conflicting slots are really insane. Imagine that kind of steroid for literally any other skill, it would get nerfed to the ground instantly.

I think MIs and their skill modifiers in general are a little too powerful, especially those that come with no downsides or without any choice/conflict between items.

E.g.the blue pet two hander from the 3piece mogdrogen’s piece set will literally never see any play (neither while leveling nor endgame) because of bloodsworn codex. The current balance changes on that set are wasted. Also blues not having any skill mods ever mean they have to be really strong to be able to compete (like e.g. blind assassin).


That’s why I suggested removing the 30% from the zaria pendant completely. This is about value per item slot!, the suggestion to lower the book to 15% is ridiculous in my opinion, then you better delete the book completely.

The zaria pendant is currently the item that has too much ‘slot value’ and allows conjurers to overshadowing other pet classes in various builds. The book is not the issue, if it is, then I’m still waiting for the fleshwarped archive nerf.

The blessed cleaver is too weak but if you insist on doing a 2h melee hybrid pet build then you may have no other choice than to use it. currently you can use the blessed cleaver for leveling until you find silverbolt, since it is best item currently for 2h hybrid pet warder

comparing it with an item for caster/hybrid or pure pet builds is just apples and oranges.

I am honestly happy that pet builds are getting nerfed, it’s been long time, so it’s not just others and retaliation.

Looks at latest update to the changelog. :thinking:

A lot of buffs to pet items that didn’t get much action, so looks good to me. Funny my ‘man walks his dog’ build seems to get a major buff I wasn’t asking for.


Mythical Heart of the Mountain: added 12 Cold damage for pets

Mythical Heart of the Sand King: added 10 Physical damage modifier for Mogdrogen’s Pact and increased its Bleed damage modifier to 32 / 3s

Faction - Claw of Hagaraz: increased % Crit damage for pets to 20% and replaced bonus to Summon Hellhound with 10% Physical Resist for pets

Faction - Stormbringer of Malmouth: increased % Lightning damage for pets to 260% and added +2 to Raise Skeletons

Faction - The Overseer: increased % Crit damage modifiers for Summon Hellhound and Summon Briarthorn to 33%

Death-Watcher Pendant: updated modifiers for Mogdrogen’s Pact

Putrid Necklace: added 8% Crit damage modifier for Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange and increase % Crit damage modifier for Blood of Dreeg to 15%

Conduit of Eldritch Whispers: added 25% Crit damage modifier for Summon Familiar. Added 100% of Fire dealt as Chaos modifier for Summon Hellhound and increased its Chaos damage modifier to 110.

Conduit of Undying Whispers: added 100% of Physical dealt as Fire modifier for Raise Skeletons and increased its Fire damage modifier to 44. Added 120 Vitality Decay damage / 5s modifier for Summon Blight Fiend.

Gate to Many Worlds: increased damage on the granted skill. Increased Elemental damage modifier for Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange to 30.

Mythical Black Scourge: increased Offensive Ability to 70 and increased % Attack Speed for pets to 15%

Mythical Fiendgaze Tome: increased % Offensive Ability for pets to 11%

Mythical Guardian of Death’s Gates: increased % Total Speed for pets to 24%. Added modifiers for Field Command.

Mythical Reaper of the Accursed: increased % All damage for pets to 110%

Mythical Sovereign Ruby of Domination: increased % Crit damage for pets on the granted skill

Mythical Witching Hour: increased Chaos damage for pets on the granted skill

Bysmiel’s Trinkets Set: increased Burn, Frostburn and Electrocute damage for pets to 13 / 2s

Bysmiel’s Iris: reduced Cooldown and increased % Attack Speed on the granted skill

Diviner’s Codex: added 14 Vitality damage for pets

Shard of Lost Souls: increased % Total Speed for pets to 8%

Items that were updated:

Mythical Dracarris: added 4% Physical Resist modifier for Flame Touched and increased its Fire damage modifier to 33

Bloodsworn Codex: replaced Physical damage for pets with % Health for pets. Reduced % Damage Modified modifier for Summon Briarthorn to 30%.

Zaria’s Pendant: removed % Attack Speed for pets. Reduced % Damage Modified modifier for Summon Briarthorn to 25%.

Conduit of Wild Whispers: increased Aether damage modifier for Primal Strike to 360 and its Cold damage modifier to 360. Increased Lightning damage modifier for Summon Briarthorn to 122.

Mythical Will of Bysmiel: replaced bonus to Manipulation with +1 to Occultist Skills and increased Cooldown Reduction modifier for Conjure Primal Spirit to -6s

Lots of small buffs to niche items. Some new additions to conduits. Bloodsworn Codex lost its flat physical damage and got some health in its place. Zaria’s Pendant lost attack speed for Pets.

My Shaman builds are just losing a lot of damage through these changes. The flat damage was important for conversion and less attack speed means less dps. I would be fine with the changes if there was some worthwhile compensation in other areas but other core items from my builds aren’t really getting any help. No buffs to Scorpius Pummeler, no changes to the Winter King items and Bysmiel’s Grasp is getting a player only change which i’m grateful for but the loss of Pet damage makes the added cast speed not really contribute in any way at this point. The tiny bit of health that was added to the codex doesn’t really help for late game scenarios but it is ok during leveling.

The Dracarris got another buff but it doesn’t really change anything. The item doesn’t need more stuff or bigger numbers. It’s the proc that needs a change. The “On death” trigger simply sucks. Guardian of Death’s Gates got some changes as well but i’m no longer working on the skeleton build i was making with it. Nothing else picked my interest.

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