I specced out of the Hellfire aura on my Hellhound…And yet the game assures me my pets all still have it, as do I.

The second I respawned my Hellhound, it was fixed, but…Seems abusable, if your minions are tanky enough.

Yes, it’s abusable to spec into hellfire aura for the aura then unspec out purely to spend those points elsewhere til your hellhound dies and you have to go all the way to town to do it again…

I have a feeling doing this will run you dry on iron very quickly.

Hellhound dies too quickly against damaging enemies. But you can invest into Raven (buff/heal), it survives much better.

And then what? Respec in/out of Hellfire every time you play the game?

He simply pointed out a bug in a system, which should be fixed. There is no need to get this excited over this.

And we pointed out reasons why it’s a minor inconvenience for the devs to even bother with. Zantai even echoed what we have said in the past. If you’re so desperate to abuse it and toss out your iron, by all means…

Nah, I’m too lazy to do that… it’s just my perfectionism speaking, don’t worry about that.

Just seemed odd that Crate left it in, they don’t seem the type to leave abuse cases around… That said, I’m guessing it’s an engine thing, and they don’t really want to mess with the engine AFAIK.

Takes too much time and effort to fix anything engine related iirc, for something so meaningless it’s hardly worth.