%Physical Damage Converted Stacking Question (Over 100%?)

What happens if you have 100% physical damage converted to piercing and 100% physical damage converted to lightning

Damage once converted cannot be converted again

The order of events for Conversion is as follows: Base Skill > Skill Modifiers > Conversion on the Skill or Transmuter > Conversion on Equipment and Buffs > Equipment, Auras and Passives

You cant have 100% conversion taking place at the same time

I believe the game weights them like with Weapon Pool Skills, so you would end up with 50% piercing and 50% lightning. I am definitely not 100% sure on this though. This is assuming they’re both from a similar source so that the priority system dekaron mentioned doesn’t usefully answer your question.

IN THEORY, you would get 50% Piercing and 50% Lightning.

In actuality, you’d probably wind up with 100% Lightning on most skills because piercing conversion happens last except for skills with % Weapon Damage.

It is completely possible to get more than 100% Conversion.

I missed “both” 100% conversions and by same time I mean in one step of order of events