Planetary Anihilation free steamkey giveaway


There is currently a free Planetary Annihilation (old version) steamkey giveaway from bundlestars

And the best: no account creation needed!

It’s the old gameversion but for free…

Have fun with it!

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Cheers, but the unknown list of “things to do first” is a bit off-putting, esp when it says at the bottom “complete these to see the rest”

Yes, maybe. I thought the same first. But you don’t need to make any account or confirmation, can use fake name, any fail email [email protected] adress on your mind, occasionally put you acc to public for 10 seconds and join the group for a second and see two sites from them. Game key shows up directly on the site after doing that. The rest is not obligatory. Almost never saw that kind of promo so less penetrate you. No need to be anxious in my opinion.

Go and get it :slight_smile: …and see all the fine offers in store :rolleyes:

Edit: Somebody please report back when giveaway is over. Thanks!

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