Planning an HC Sorceror

So I after planning out my Melee Invinci Tank Warder and starting him off (who is now progressing well through the game :p); I’m starting to set my sights on planning a caster for Hardcore. Been watching vids of caster classes online and I’ve set my on the Sorcerer as my caster of choice:

For now I will place my proposed end-game stats and gear (that will be up to my farmer’s problem to get the necessary gear for this toon or something close to it). I just would want feedback on the build and possible problems that will be encountered at higher difficulties:

Weapon 1:
Offhand 2:
[Healing Swtich]
Weapon 1:
Offhand 2:

  • is a damage based devotion sorc viable in ultimate HC?

[edit] i guess not, found my answer when i faced the warden without turtle shell… will be restarting this

So I opted to go Battlemage (caster) instead of the intended Sorceror; also finished my 1st game play with my Warder to scout out the dangers for later acts when i run my squihies through it. Nearing the Lvl 50 mark and I thought it should time for me to start optimizing.

My intended build was supposed to be built around on TSS and Devastation with OFF as my main means of crowd control. With Soldier mastery only boosting my survivability + 1 circuitbreaker. But I currently respec’d out of TSS in favor or Empowered Lightning Nova spam (amber); but damage is currently falling off hard now that I’m approaching Act 4 + SoT runs - this is where I’m at the moment:

I am planning to develop my devotions into:

  1. Hourglass with active
  2. Targo the builder
  3. Rhowan’s Crown

need advice on:

  1. gear i should be chasing mid-game (L50-75)
  2. item skills i should be chasing after.
  3. devotions I need to compliment the build


  1. re: circuitbreakers; is this stackable with other sources?
    i.e. i get critted below 25% my HP and am wearing alchemist’s belt:
    a. does that trigger both Menhir’s Will (below 33% HP) and belt passive (below 25% HP) at the same time? - not ideal
    b. does it only trigger one, and triggers the other after 2nd instance bring’s health back down below 25%? - ideal

Use my CT Sorceror and faceroll the Ultimate with ease.

So, just got to Elite Hardcore with my caster Battlemage, and it’s about time to decide the end-game path for me.

I’m planning on this: - I’m making it a full fledged AoE-proc Build.

Weapon Set 1 -
Primary Clik: Greater-Fireblast (Elemental Storm); Right-Click: Davastation (Blizzard)
Weapon Set 2 -
Primary Clik: Greater-Fireblast (Elemental Storm); Right-Click: Trojan Sky Shard (Meteor Show)

OFF for debuff. I have completely foregone the usual “meta-mage” devotions such as tortoise/tree of life/targo the builder; as it goes against my personal belief to band-wagon this “face-tank meta” that is currently popular at the moment.

I’m not planning on hunting Nemesis Ultimate with it nor do I plan Avatar/Mad Queen Runs but I do want something pure-caster based that’s capable of finishing the main storyline, SoT & Bastion in all 3 difficulties at the very least. Would love some feedback on this.

Offencive devoition setup is viable for vanila game, if you stick with BWC.