Play Style concerning sharing between alts

I would like to hear more of others play styles.

Some people play one character through and then only when maybe done with them they make another ‘alt’ as a new character to be their main. So that’s one issue is whether you focus on one character till they are finished or do you have many alts you switch back and forth? I like to switch to try new things but the consequence is I have fewer characters that have reached ultimate.

Another issue is storage and sharing. I find it so hard to distinguish between what to keep (for another character) and what to sell or dismantle. So because I can’t tell the future if I will want to make a certain type of character I for the most part use the pass through stash only for components and as a bank for things to dismantle or sell later. Or if I happen to make a new character I look if there is something they can use.

Please limit this discussion to play styles without the use of mods. I am happy to talk in PMs is someone wonders why I don’t use mods, but for this thread I want to hear how other gamers play without mods.

I find that just making every character “self found” simplifies everything regarding deciding what to keep and save.

I play both soft core and hard core. The latter because it can be exciting and if a character dies then I can either try again to improve the idea for that character or try a new character with new skill use (that I never have tried) and mastery use. I play the former (soft core) because then I can get to see more content if I decide that I enjoy playing/building up that character.

Obviously there’s as many different ways to play, and reasons for, as there are players.

Personally I play self found for every single char, with the exception of blueprints (though I do occasionally delete all them to start fully fresh yet again).Otherwise I find that all my chars become the same while levelling as for each type of char I have the best I’ve found items for that level and thus there’s no more “what’s this char going to get” and getting loot is only about iron and very rare anything worth looking at while levelling. Thus it becomes boring running a new char if it can be “twinked” with shared items.

i have terrible altitist and hence rarely make it to Ultimate or even Elite. :eek: I’ll tweak the heck out of my characters using GDStash, though not ones for playtesting - they go self found.

Depending on the game I usually play through to max level and then start making alts however I’m still new to GD but only made it to 49 on Normal and already trying a new build. I am not sure I’ll ever get to 100 or even ultimate, elite, etc. LOL. I really love this game but with so many different builds and learning the game from scratch I can tell that it might be harder for me to get higher levels. I know you probably didn’t want a response from a newbie but I thought I’d throw it out there.

I’m like a kid in the candy shop I’ve only discovered. So much to see and do and don’t know what flavor to experience ^^

I used to have 3 characters in the pre-AoM days. It was kind of so long ago that I don’t even remember which classes they were :eek:. I only got them upto Elite before taking a break from the game.

Now, I just GDstash characters to try wonky builds and stuff. Don’t really have the time or energy to run through all the content again, I fear.

I have about 20+ level 100 characters all somehow viable in ultimate (meaning I can kill all bosses and nemesis within reasonable time, not including celestial bosses).

I build most of my character around set items, but I also build them around certain weapon I find interesting. I play back and forth with my characters, and interestingly I could very often manage to improve my characters’ builds each time I play them because a) I found new green items and b) I found out about some new game mechanics I did not know (for example, I just found out today that armor absorption will work on different sources of physical damage, meaning flat physical damage bonus is not as good as it seems).

I am still making new characters, and will be making more once expansion comes out, in which it will be even easier to make new characters because we don’t have to go through all the difficulty 3 times.

Unfortunately, I do use GDIA because when you plan to make that many characters, it is impossible to rely on GD’s own stash to store that many gears for future use.

I had about 4-5 characters all max lvl prior to AoM then deleted all including the stashes and started from scratch. I like to play one character to lvl 100 then start another. I do share found items between them because… why not? :smiley: Remembering what item is good for which character is not a problem . The problem is to find some space in the stash to keep things.

I play self found until I beat the game (I still consider act 4 boss Log the end of game)
After killing Log in ultimate I will use stored gear to get ready for the endgame content AoM.
If I play veteran and elite difficulties I skip AoM content, but usually I start game at level 60 in ultimate with mix of yellow, blue and faction gear on like if I actually played both difficulties.
Soon I will just start in ultimate at level 1 can’t wait for this token.

I keep epic and legendary set items found by first character (Pet Conjurer) to use on other chars as i find it extremely comfortable to be able to use the low level charterers and breeze through content without necessity to struggle and farm on low level.

FG Adding token to start at lvl 1 on Ultimate with all attribute/skill points from Normal and Elite and all 55 shrines on one map is the second best feature after being able to transmute set items at the inventor (will be added also in FG).

I can’t really say I stick to a particular playstyle in that regard.

These days I tend to level my alts without gear from other characters (I do sometimes use components though, and mandates).
Once I reach 94+, I will browse through my Item Assistant database and get myself geared up -even though I don’t usually have all I need, but enough to get going.

When I played Hardcore, I was mostly playing solo self-found, without any item from other characters, as I never intended to really push the limits of the build and merely tried to complete the game on all difficulties (and generally failing).

I look forward to SSF Lvl1 Ultimate playthroughs :smiley:
Might even start recording game sessions just for that.