I apologize in advance. I do not know English well and write through a translator.

I am trying to change playerDevotionCap restrictions through DBREditor.
Grim Dawn \ database \ records \ game \ gameengine.dbr changed the playerDevotionCap value to 70, retained the value, but the game still has 55/55 and no points are added. What do I need to do to confirm the changes?

You need to change the value in records/creatures/pc/playerlevels.dbr

In “maxDevotionPoints” I changed the value to 70, but the changes did not occur in the game when I activated the altar, all 55/55 limitations and points were not added. I have now changed two values: “playerDevotionCap” and “maxDevotionPoints”, I set them instead of 50 to 70. Before that, I saved the changes through the menu in the upper left corner of “File”> “Save”, but the game archives were extracted via AssetManager Do they need to be returned back to confirm the changes? What am I doing wrong ? (