Please add MIs as a new gear tier so we can filter for them

Please :frowning: Reading through a screen full of greens to see if one of them is in fact an MI is a massive QoL hit…

They should really be their own color. It’s really strange they were grouped with greens. Is it an engine limitation?

There are also epic and legendary MI’s.

There is a colour limitation but not with the engine, it’s due to the colourblind settings there’s only so many colours that can be used, they did briefly in testing try adding a small indicator to the name of the item but that got dropped.

This has been asked for before.

The easiest solution in my opinion is to simply add an asterix [*] to the item to point out it MI, without having to both with colors.

That was tried in testing and dropped as Jaknet said.

The best idea is to separate MI from Greens . Aka adding one more quality settings in lootfilter - blue->purple->MIs . So we can turn off useless stuff and still farm our MI.