Please add more loading screens!

Could you guys please release a patch that adds more than the 3 loading screens in the game. I freaking love everything about this game except for every time it loads I see the same buff dude with scimitar, big boobed chick and crow guy. xD

Thanks for your consideration.

Maybe add images of all the classes
Maybe some concept art, something haha

I’m all for variety, but you know, we used to have 1 for years… I like that it cycles between 3. And loading is usually only ~5 seconds. I like that we both have female and male eye-candy.

I just thought of adding concept art or the images of the classes in the game, maybe an epic battle scene of some sort.
It just makes the game feel a little “indie” you know? (not that the game itself feels cheap or anything.)

Also yeah I remember when it had just one loading screen, and that’s when I originally thought of this. I just never got around to making an account and posting about it til now.