Please buff or remove Demolistionist

The worst thing about Demolitionist is not BWC, but Ulzuin’s Wrath, which doesn’t trigger against a single opponent. :joy:

But it’s soo funs drawing in every mob in SR with it :crazy_face:

Though provided you build right, it’s a definite bonus to clear speed, because you can draw them all into the kill zone, say provided by BWC with modifier, which when properly invested in melts everything.

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Thou demo and nightblade doesn’t have exclusive skills is their feature.

But in all honesty having only one exclusive in the game that supports chaos damage is outrageous and demo would be perfect fit for one with for example cdr and cast speed (instead of flat damage and damage absorb like possession)

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That is completely false. Every skill does more than Searing ember, and a few of them have cooldowns which allow you to spam Searing Ember when they are on cooldown as well.

Chaos/fire one with a bit of total speed would be awesome here imo.

Suuuuuuuuuuuuuurely Zantai will read this, think it’s a good idea and add it to demo for FoA, right?! :grin:


Berserker might have a Chaos exclusive :thinking:

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Update on leveling with BWC: changed from spam to CD and that combined with mines, my killing speed is actually kind of ridiculous and i changed it to around level 30.

Zarthuzellan offhand now has 0.8 cdr to BWC (which i don’t remember when it was added), that combined with more flat fire and converting the chaos in demon fire to fire damage and i won’t be surprised if things just don’t disappear in a couple of seconds.

I was getting good results with spam BWC, CD BWC seems even better for leveling.

I’ll admit that I personally find BWC weak to level with if you don’t take the modifier - as soon as you do, it’s a really great leveling skill if nothing else. Is it the case that overlapping BWCs also all tick damage? I feel lazy for not testing it, but I usually just rush the modifier then watch everything die.

Also, Demo is my favourite class and I’ve probably built more than any other class, so please don’t remove - there are some really fun abilities mixed in there. IMO, BWC is one of the least interesting - it’s great for debuffs later on, but I can’t get over how fun it is to lob literal bombs everywhere

flat yes, dot no

added with iirc.

can also 2nd what you said.
once u have BWC line maxed with OH and mines + greater fireball for spam u breeze through normal & elite np imo. :+1:

i didn’t even bother with fireblast(actually dislike that skill), just a few points in canister or nado to compensate and that was pretty much coasting through all the way to 100

greater blast is actually kinda neat as a filler for some time imo while things get nice and crispy in ur bwc & mines :grin:

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not saying it’s not, just never been a fan of that approach outside of “thematic”/“roleplay” builds,
like i’m using ice spike on my frost mage TSS spellbreaker, because i don’t wanna use direct weapon attacks
but otherwise i’d probably just slap few points in ABB and wps to not use spike :sweat_smile:
ex never been a fan of the OFF+fireblast approach either despite so many praising it :smile: feels “off” to me :grin:

I tried this, it didn’t help :frowning: Probably because it doesn’t stack with the attack skill Blood of Oleron gives.

Though maybe if I swap it out and change devotions… Hmmmmn,

Yea you always play maxed BWC with transmuter with fireball → greater fireball → conflagration → storm fire as filler. Midgame you add grenado or canister or mortar trap for addtional damage. I currently like grenado the most atm.

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yep, forgot about that one even tho I literally used it as well. :laughing: :+1:
mid game depends rly what kinda build ur playing imo.
recent playthrough I did was bwc + mines & after grabbing korvaaks burning blade I added pyro & sigils with conflagation.
pretty smooth stuff.

Even if you don’t take High Potency. Attach imp or fissure to a bwc spammer and they will proc often even on single targets