Please critique my build - Gunslinger Sorcerer

Hi all,

I’m currently playing through the game on my second character, a gunslinger Demolitionist. The first was a 2H Primal Strike Conjurer focussed on maxing lightning damage and using curse to reduce resistances.

I steamrolled normal/vet, but am really lacking in survivability in Elite.

This time around I want to build a character that will be able to last until Ultimate, the aim is to build a gunslinger Demolotionist with a secondary supporting class. I’ve read about the Soldier and Occultist dual class gunslinger builds but am leaning towards Arcanist because it feels like it synergises better.

My logic is this: max fire damage using fire strike as my primary, then spam flash freeze to reduce fire resistance by 100% and CC, then dump everything else into CC/surviability skills.

This is in theory my build here:

In terms of items/devotions I would be maxing resists, getting some good HP and then maximising OA and +% fire damage.

Am I missing anything? Will this survive Ultimate (with gear I find as I go)? Any must have Devotions? Should I tweak my skills at all?

Appreciate any feedback, my main concern is that I’ve once again focused far to much on DPS and will really struggle to simply survive, especially against bosses.


I have a character almost exactly like this leveling currently. It’s damage is great but one isue is you need to get close to use olexras flash freeze so you need to build tanky or make the enemies weaker. I found black water cocktail goes really well with it. Throw that, flashbang and then freeze and they are crazy weak. Thermite mines are great too.