Please critique my build

So I have some bits from farming with my sword and shield Commando and fancied trying something different so I came up with the following build

Can anyone spot any glaring holes In it? Anything I should change? Currently levelling a new shaman with the aim of using this build for Ultimate farming.


Looks pretty good at first glance. Maybe swap your medal for a pyroclasm mark? Consider reducing your overcap in wind devil and picking up wendigo totem. More points in vindictive flame and storm touched will help increase your attack speed, which is currently woefully low. Is the Aetherstorm set picked for a reason? Also, why tinker’s ingenuity instead of ulzuin’s torment belt. Both are good I just wonder if you picked it intentionally and if so why. Stormcage legguards and stormtitan treads are both good lightning options but their procs are better for melee characters. Maybe switch to a set of hidden path pants/exalted treads or switch the exonerator for a stormheart and become a melee character.

Hope this has given you some food for thought, but it looks like you’re on a good track already.

The build was aimed at being a ranged type where I put down totems and pop the wind devils and use my ranged weapon to add extra damage.

The main thing with picking items was to make sure resists were capped, I will look into alternatives, also MI’s can change the build alot of I get some decent ones

Terrible OA, do it something with it

Peerless eye or stone of Harcor fit more to this setup.

The choice of these rings are wierd, but acceptable, if you don’t have better MI solutions. Maybe has sense replace their to time-flux band and Glyph.
Too low stun resist, leathery hide can help.

Too much in wind devil (raging tempest and mailstorm are ok), released skillpoints you can put to the tenacity of a boar/ storm touched/ blast shield.

Vulture, lol? One of the worst devotion ever.
No vidow on heavy - oriented lighting build? Heresy.

Ok made some changes based on suggestions, does this look better?

Kraken only helps if you are 2handing, otherwise does nothing.

more gear dependent, but blows away what you had tremendously.

Many thanks man that looks wicked, will definitely work towards that :slight_smile: