Please Fix Melee Cadence

This is one of the best attack powers in this game. The range Cadence is 10 times more effective than melee Cadence. The short and narrow cone attack is so ineffective for melee Cadence.

I would love to see Melee Cadence as a player-based AOE (such as 3 meter radius) that can hit a maximum of three enemies and eventually four enemies above 20 Skill Points. I would much rather have a big reduced damage, but with played based AoE radius.

This is literally already what Cadence is.


only relying melee cadence (with fighting form skill mod) as aoe attack won’t be enough (because cadence only applies on every 3rd strikes). you need other aoe skills like blade arc or forcewave or some aoe skills from other mastery/devotion/gear to annihilate pesky mobs that annoys you quickly.

You’re right. Cadence can’t do much AoE damage but you rarely have points and mods to invest in proper Blade Arc support. Blade Arc works well only on 2h builds. Physical damage have to go through armor and also don’t have much damaging devotions. Only exception is Oleron. Oleron route is suboptimal+You usually don’t have reliable procers to utilize Assassin mark, Azraaka and Oleron.

So I recently made a 2H Melee Death Knight that utilizes the Mythical Leviathan.

In fact i created the character and the build entirely around the Mythical Leviathan. In other words I’ve maxed the first and last skill in cadence and put 1 point into fighting form.

Elric (is his name) has maxed physical resist reduction through spectral wrath, break morale, and assassin’s mark. He also has some physical RR on his items.

As far as AoE DPS goes he has very little (or so I thought). 1 point in the Forcewave tree for the stun, 1 point in the Blitz tree for the mobility and DA reduction. That’s it for skills, but he has some Proc AOE on his items/devotions.

I was hoping this guy would be a beast in single target DPS but I was afraid he would have very ineffective AOE when it came to clearing Crucible 170 and other dense mob packs.

He does in fact hit like a truck on single targets but amazingly he also melts packs of mobs with no trouble. It may just be his physical resist reduction at work or it could be the AoE procs from necrotic strike/reaping strike but this guy cleans up packs of mobs with no trouble.

I’ve decided that in my future builds I’m going to re-evaluate the importance of AoE and just continue to focus on Celestial Boss killers that can take down the Ravagers, Mogdrogens, Lokarrs, etc. of the world.

It seems like a minimum amount of AoE (or maybe just a lot of small Procs) can do the job.