Please fix minions

You know what RPG stands for right? (Rhetorical)

It does not mean that you can do whatever you want and get desired results.

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“Your character isn’t the way I want it so you’re wrong”.

I have a founders license for the game back when it was kickstarter. Also…where did I say I was stuck or finding it impossible to progress? I’ve beaten it before years ago and am playing it again to see the additions and changes.

Having my character circle the intended targets so the minions engage is really goofy looking. The aggro range modification would alleviate this. That’s why I made the post.

So sure, I’ll run up to the mob, pat it in the head, shout “yes this one” while being sure to have eye contact with the minions so they get the message. Then I’ll run circles around the murder like my character is on some macabre weight loss plan, just as I did through titan quest.

-evil_baka:. It’s not entirely consistent either. Probably a bug. I don’t have the code so can’t say that with any degree of certainty but the behavior seems to fit the bill. It just happens enough that after playing the game so long I thought it was a valid suggestion.

No need to be passive-aggressive about it. If you weren’t struggling or having issues in some respect, you wouldn’t have made this topic would you?

Your experience differs from mine then. If I walk up to an enemy or crowd of enemies with my pets out, they engage them immediately and while I’m at a distance :man_shrugging:.

Take a Skellies character as you’ve shown screenshots of your character with them, this is roughly the distance they start engaging for a typical crowd and I find that perfectly fine for standard gameplay:

This isn’t just for the Archers either. The basic Warriors charge into an enemy well in advance, it’s just harder to showcase that in a screenshot.

Beats me. I played this exact same character with Raise Skeletons from the moment I made the character to the moment in those screenshots and never had complaints with the way pets respond to enemies.

Aggro management (e.g. how often your pets keep the attention of any kind of enemy, Bosses especially) is something that all summoners struggle with as some skills your character casts to support your pets raises aggro to your player character immensely, Curse of Frailty being a well-known one. Bosses and rarely some common enemy groups (like Dranghouls in my experience) are also resistant to threat/aggo generation effects so are harder for your pets to keep occupied than others.

But like you said, it’s your suggestion. I just wanted to voice my experience on it and believe I’ve done plenty.


Personally the minions leash or aggro range feels fine.

If you are referencing to Skeletons, then sure, they could use a bit more aggro range, but personally I would recommend against using them unless you want a challenge as they are nothing like Diablo 2’s Skeletons.

Different people have different opinions and that is natural, but while others may not necessarily agree with me on this, Skeletons atleast in my opinion are underwhelming atm and there hasn’t been a top Skeleton based build in like forever.

(Anyone going to post about Plasmo’s Ghol Ritualist using Skeletons, it runs on the power of Ghol with Skeletons for extra bit of DPS. Not the same thing)

I would be against this. Reason is because I often rely on that teleportation to get my pets out of danger or to position them between me and the boss to body block. Otherwise, I would have to manually do it with the Pet Command button, which is extra work with there being plenty of things to do already on a pet build.

Also, unless you increase the base speed of pets by a good margin and make the slower ones like Salazar’s Harbinger or Dirge Skeleton walk much faster, you are essentially asking for a nerf to Pets.

Now, I could offer to take a look into your build or suggest changes to make it easier for you or something like that, but since you are here to post feedback and not for help, I will refrain from giving unsolicited advice.


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