Please game pad questions

translator sorry
I’m a user who played with the game head for about 500 hours.
When using a gamepad, if you press and hold during the active skill cooldown, will you get a normal hit?
I can’t do that, is there any other setting?

You will. If you hold a button, the cooldown skill associated with it is spammed.

However it doesn’t work if you hold multiple buttons at the same time (only one of the skills is spammed then),
(can still be done in Steam Big Picture if you configure one button to cast multiple skills).
is that perhaps what you’re doing? Or maybe you have some button stuck?

Or maybe you want some normal attacks to be spammed while your cooldown skill is on cooldown with 1 button?

I hope that the normal hit will be activated when you press and hold the mouse like LMB when using an active skill.

On PC only LMB behaves like that if you assign a skill to it.

With gamepad there’s also a button like that. In standard configuration it should be A on Xbox pad or X on Playstation pads I think.
Just assign your skill to it.

understand. Thank you very much. have a good day