Please help me improve my Deathknight

I have a new build up now. I have there bounded Falcon Swoop (a spray of homing missile birds that pierce through monsters and deal bleed damage) to Occultist skill Curse of Frailty. That skill has no cooldown and affects monsters in huge range over long period of time. Falcon swoop gets 15% chance on attack when bounded to Curse of Frailty. Funny thing is, that each second, there is a 15% chance of each monster affected by curse. So result is, Falcon swoop is cast very often. Pretty funny, pretty efficient.

I’ve gotten completely stuck right now.

I’m level 81 and I don’t think I’ve changed a piece of gear in 10+ levels. I can’t down the final form of Malmouth’s act boss on Elite, and I can’t get past the Homestead Aetherial Amalgmation on Ultimate.

I find that the character is very polar. If I have enough defense to stand there and facetank, I can win. Since I so heavily rely on vamping to survive, as soon as I get chased off my spot, I lose. I have no real options for kiting. Just run around while my defense cooldowns reset, then blitz back in and try to get some chip.

What I think I need to do is take a step back and farm some real gear. My gear sucks at this point, but I don’t know the best way to farm. I can’t do 100-150 in the crucible, even on Aspirtant. Zanatarin, or whatever his name is, the skeleton nemesis, just one-shots me every time. Even when I try to play around the shotgun attack by baiting it and blitzing in, his other attacks get me.

My current options are: try to farm Krieg set on Elite, or farm for legendaries by running Twin Falls wasps.

Or, I suppose I could deliberately farm faction until I can get to Revered, which might help with the powders.