Please, make a way to reset attribute points

I bet a lot of players, especially new ones, tend to spend their attribute points in a wrong way. And it really pisses off when you realise that you need to start a new character in order to make things right or change your build. Please add an attribute point resetting to the spiritual guide or make an item to reset your character. Thanks for the attention!

It’s very unlikely this will be part of the official game, but as the game is designed to be fully moddable, with the tools soon to be released by Crate, someone will have a mod for this somewhere :wink:

Now that Early Access is over, I don’t see any reason why this shouldn’t be done. Make a ‘potion of attribute reset’ droppable from Log. Soulbound, of course.

that is a first, so far the logic was that we should have it in EA, as things keep changing :wink:

Won’t happen, otherwise we would have it by now.

The logic was that in EA, players should be forced to restart if they want to dramatically change their attribute point distribution, so that the devs will still receive feedback for the early game. That was Ceno’s logic, anyway. I do remember you arguing against him about that. I can’t pinpoint the post but I believe one of the devs sided with Ceno.

It would be nice if it was something like the devotion reset potion. Something dropped from Nemesis mobs rarely. Just because I think gameplay changes between Normal and Ultimate so much that a beloved character can get kinda stuck if attributes are not assigned in a great way.

I don’t think I ever used that as an argument, I know others have :wink: