Poem to Anasteria

I was taken by an aetherial once.
When I met you, I had been taken by an aetherial twice.
The first one took my mind,
but you Anasteria took my heart.

Your green emerald eyes glow,
like the northern lights dancing in the snow.
Everyone could hear how the bonehunter sang,
when it screamed a symphony of pain as I retrieved the fang.

For you Anasteria I would do it all,
no task too big no task too small.
But Port Valbury? Fuck that.
Don’t bother to call.


Anasteria, your quests are such a rip-off.
You demand not only a Blood of Ch’thon,
But also Ancient Heart and Tainted Matter,
which then go directly to Crate headquaters.
This revenue Farthest Frontier is built on.


If Taken sells Fang to Anasteria’s revenant servant, will this count as “quest completion”, technically speaking? :thinking:

Good verse :+1:.

Very sad and unfortunate that I need her pants…


a reminder. in one of the conversation with anasteria, she’ll say something like ‘this old crone’.

anasteria is your friendly goody two shoes granny witch outcast. who also merged with an ageless aetherial being from before the war of the gods with unknown background.

she does have a soft spot for the human resistance which convince her to betray the aetherial invaders.

meanwhile korinia is still hiding her true self while outwardly pretending to be the jovial leader of malmouthers.