poison heal/tank infiltrator

i have been fooling around with the idea of a tanky nightblade and with inquisitor it might work ( teach me if there already is a working build)

here is the basic idea: http://www.grimtools.com/calc/xZyboWeN

2 large healing skills + poison shadowstrike as main damage + a item skill for the lmb attack

would that work? where should i put the last 35 points into?

oh ok,i forgot to add the pneumatic burst tree, here is the full build:


any opinions?

-No points in Blade Barrier? Put 1 in there - it can and will save your life.

-Ring of Steel with Circle of Slaughter is great for the Fumble - even effects Nemeses. 1 point into both should suffice with + to Nightblade to bring it up.

-Whirling Death is not really worth taking - not even a point. It lowers your single target damage and you should already have enough AoE from other sources. Belgothian’s Shears is similar if you’re not using the skill modifiers for it.

-Keep in mind that you’ll have to move your points in Bursting Round elsewhere, I’m assuming you’ve placed them there due to a bug where Inquisitor’s WPS can be used with melee weapons as of now (I think I remember seeing something like this).

-You might want to consider pushing your Inquisitor mastery bar for more core health, Physique, some more defensive skills/modifiers (see below) and an exclusive skill as Nightblade lacks one.

-Other skills further through the Inquisitor tree to look at are Inquisitor Seal and it’s transmuter/modifier and the final modifier for Word of Renewal.

-You might wonder where you’re meant to get the points for some of these additions from - look at end game gear. Even pieces like relics, belts, amulets or headgear commonly feature +1 to a masteries skills which will give you a whole lot extra to work with if you soft cap certain skills or modifiers down.

could you show me the build you would suggest, i mean the changes you would make in my build idea?

You’ve invested a lot of points into frostburn skills (last node of pneumatic burst, last node of shadow strike) but if I understand correctly you want to be a poison melee character?

Also this looks SUPER squishy with such a low mastery investment.

ok,forget the build idea,i guess this won´t work.thread can be closed