Poll: Component Completion Bonuses

It won’t be like TQ where you have 3 versions of each kind of component - so there won’t be a storage problem for that particular issue.

For me it’s due to the poll not giving anything in return when it comes to the loss of randomization/flexibility/loot hunt.

If this element of completion bonuses were included in a different way other then components I would be all in for option A.

If the components were just slightly buffed that would still result in the loss of stats that allow for more diversity. My characters would be forced to use specific components and not be able to rely on the bonuses to fill in the cracks of the build/character/stats.

Even if the developers said they would look into future options that would replicate or closely replicate what we have for components - I would then choose option A as then everyone gets what they want.

Hell if there was an option D (C being the unacceptable “other option”) in which case the devs would implement something either for release or an expansion that would give more randomization and something else to hunt for when it comes to the loot hunt. And in so doing remove the completion bonuses and just slightly buff components (perhaps add a few more to compensate).

I would definitely pick that.

Make the quick change to components and later on make up for that change with something else.

I’d be more than happy to vote “Yes” as well, if we were presented with something tangible that I thought was an acceptable replacement and could improve the component system as a whole. Till then, I’m not going to dive in on some blind faith and hope that removing completion bonuses is truly for the better. Right now, it’s like asking a player if they would accept watered down character customization in exchange for better inventory management and some glorified side-quests. It could wind up being the best change Crate has ever made, but it certainly doesn’t sound appealing from a player perspective.

I would only vote for option E, if only there was an option E…

Yet if we were to have that “watered down character customization” until later on where they would make up for it via a different system/change that would work, then it would be +1 to everyone.

Everyone wins except maybe the devs who’d have to work on making up for the change (although getting rid of completion bonuses would take less time) - but such a statement can mean bought time for later (even an expansion which 1 is guranteed), it tells the community that they will indeed make sure this loss will in some way be made up for later, and it improves future use for components.

Plus you get the better inventory/less space used and better use for the bounty system (and perhaps future systems and modding).

So what would be a setback now could be made up for later on.

There are only so many options :wink:

wow i read the first page of this yesterday i think when it started no way can i read all 39 pages so let me ask

is it possible to make the components we already cherish legacy and make all the new one found the new way? i think that would make everyone happy

again sorry if this has already been suggested.

Thank you for bring it to the community and for making the sensible choice in the end. I agree with your desirer to see GD released asap. I think the components are in a good place atm, despite the drawbacks in stash space or the need to tidy up some of the completion bonuses.

With augments, devotions and even faction rewards blue prints etcs, the game is already brimming with new systems. i think if we focus on polishing these and balancing higher difficulty levels the game will offer a very satisfying Arpg experience.
Deeper changes could be the province of an expansion as others have suggested.

There are no different versions for different difficulties, unlike TQ

There has been plenty “yes” votes from who dislike how components bonuses are handled (stat complition bonus deviation).

Removing deviation from complition bonus and allowing components that has same bonus to stack inside inventory and stash would be middle ground or you can just ignore the reasons for voting yes and leave everything as it is.

That is not how it works internally, even when components have the same completion bonus and value, they still have different seeds,

The middle gound would be no random completion bonus, at all, but 10 times the number of different components (component x completion bonus type), then the seed no longer matters and you can stack them.

If component had one bonus without deviation and devs could get those stack why cannot they get same random complition bonus to stack (without stat deviation)? Completed components different seed matters if there are stat deviated complition bonus.

It might be coding issue in the end.

Agreed, you could account for that with additional coding - but that is the case for literally anything.

Without that you cannot, as anything that stacks so far is the same base item, no completion bonus, seed does not matter.

I think i have a suggestion that might work very well for the actual problem. Give the completion Bonus to the smith. We could call it “Polish” . So as you combine your parts to a complete Component you get those skills as always and you can stack all your fine gathered gems. When you decide to use one of them for your gear, you go to your smith and maybe their is one extra window for “polishing” the component. There is the random bonus added. That should be a good solution for the storage problem and it keeps my lovely components as they are. :wink:

I…actually love this.

I voted no. My reasoning is essentially identical to that of Nine or Mamba. I need something concrete from Crate, and they haven’t provided me that yet. Unless you guys plan on making something like jewels from D2, which I would be oh so wholly in favor of, I don’t think I want completion bonuses removed. It seems like it is unnecessary, and honestly I would rather have more complicated gear and simpler bounties (a mechanic made solely to ease rep grind, another layer of complexity with the augments that come with it) than vice versa.

You guys keep on adding complexity to characters in this game, and I feel like this is a step backwards.

Edit: Poll is already closed, and I took too long to make this post. Glad Crate decided not to change it.

Let’s add the bounty system first, and then we can redecide if we want more bounty variation.

But i believe, changing the current system, will work better if you add more components and redo the drop rate. Make some of them more area fixed or something

Very good choice. I think that the hardcore players. the endgame players, and the modders would be the ones that vote NO in a poll such as this. So if you had moved forward with this move you would probably have said goodbye to your most devoted players.
For the time being (perhaps permantently) this was a very good choice :slight_smile:

Where does this info come from? I never saw any official info stating that there wasn’t going to be higher level versions of each component, or better components in the higher difficulty levels. If there was official info stating that, I’d thank somebody in advanced for pointing me to it.

Components are tied to the mobs.