Poll: Which is the Better Expansion?


For me I would give the nod to Forgotten Gods.

Better music, better atmosphere, Ashes has Ugdenbog and thats about it…

Ashes has more selection in masteries but for me Oathkeeper trumps both Inquisitor + Necromancer.

FG has better boss fights so far ! I have yet to see the superbosses but Lokarr is a weakling and Ravager is a superboss but design not so good, looks same as normal wendigo :eek:

Shatter realms! :stuck_out_tongue:

-What Ashes did better:

-area is bigger

-Ugdenbog is amazing

  • 2 masteries

  • Lots of Aetherials, I love aetherials, though Malmouth is a pain in the ass to traverse!

Both have amazing monster designs!

What about you? FG or Ashes…

Post away:cool:

I voted for Forgotten Gods. I think the addition of this expansion pushed GD a lot closer to perfection. The environment variety is of a much different and unique kind and it makes the world a lot more rich. Extra devotion constellations, movement runes, allowing players to move difficulty immediately or much sooner. The Shattered Realm is a great addition to end game and gives yet more choice.

It really took player choice to the max, and this blew me away :). Sadly, there will people who complain and cannot appreciate this (e.g “low level elite/ultimate sucks” after playing it once for a short time and never touching it again etc.).

I’ve spent about 10 min total in FG content and I like it better already. For some reason I’m just not really a fan of the AoM content. I think I just hate the bog. Reminds me of the D2 jungles in act 3, which were the fucking worst.

Only downside in FG is that areas are too damn small *but otherwise stuningly beautiful.

hmm… i like fg, i quite enjoy those flaming invincible henchman. Eye of reckoning is nice and smooth. i enjoy blendering.

From a story perspective, I prefer AoM since you aren’t forced to side with Barrowholm unlike the whole Witch Gods thing.

Pretty much, gameplay wise FOG but story? AOM.

AoM got the dark and gloomy end-of-the-world setting that Grim Dawn in general has much better.

Forgotten Gods is very different especially in art-style and I apprechiate that it gives you a more open, interesting happier areas despite the dark and gloomy story again. :rolleyes:

So yes storywise both are high-level but AoM sometimes feels like a dragging expansion of the basegame just with Atherials this time.
It does shine in Ugdenbog, the Rift and of course Malmoth, but the areas between are often long.

Forgotten Gods felt like the complete other way. Sure there are quests and points for Story but the areas and desert-setting is what made it beautiful and shiny.

FG is like the perfect break from the basegame/AoM setting if you are in need of one. So kudos for that one!

-> my vote goes to FG for offering an additional perspective in the Grim Dawn world that we did not have before.

I chose FG cause dayym!
The whole lore in there went crazy and i love it
BUT AoM was amazing to me too man. How can i forget the lore in there and what they were doing to humans.
God i love this freaking F***G game

AoM has the Necromancer.

I’m a simple man. I see Necromancer, I like.

I voted for AoM. I actually prefer the art and music of FG, but AoM introduced skill modifier. That was the real big mechanic change and I have to appreciate it.

I just finished the last boss fight in FG (Veteran though but still) and it looks and feels epic. Best fight in the whole game.

Agree that some of the beautiful small areas in FG feel too short but overall the expansion is stunning and the story is far better than AoM imo.

i was more hyped by FG than AoM but for now i’d say AoM. the main raison is that AoM is a major upgrade of the entire game (new lvl cap, new item tier, item skill modifiers which is the best addition ever imo) while FG is more like a fun addition. also AoM is much bigger than FG if you don’t factor in SR.
bosses, enemies and maps of FG have my preference though, and the end feel much more epic and exciting than Malmouth.

i didn’t vote yet cause i didn’t finish any of the xpac in Ultimate (:o) and i will definitively give a try to SR when i’ll have reached endgame. but atm i consider AoM to be a more important addition to base game than FG. oh and anyway i really love both ofc :slight_smile:

I cant say really. AoM was more of a “game changer” but thats what was needed. FG is more of a vanilla “expansion” but thats what we need now. The formula of GD is amazing. What we need is simply more.

I like better AoM because it trully felt like an expansion of the game as it offered a continuation of the story and of the character progression.

FG felt more like a spin-off, a side story.
The fact that we have to teleport there instead of walking made me feel like it was disconnected. The new map could as easily be to the South or in another dimension. No difference.
And the integration of the map in the world map didn’t help.

Moreover, I feel like the Shattered Realms are a bit redundant with the Crucible.
And I really don’t like being forced to go in there to complete the progression of my character. :confused: