Port Valbury Boss

Let me preface this topic by saying that I love the build diversity in this game. I’ve successfully made niche builds which don’t revolve around legendary sets (my main gripe about Diablo III is that every build revolved around a completed set, which substantially limits build diversity), and up until now I’ve been able to complete all content on Ultimate (aside from Mogdrogen) using these builds. I’m currently greatly enjoying my melee shield-wielding Pyromancer and I’ve been able to successfully farm every ultimate nemesis for a number of patches on this character. It’s been difficult, but it’s never felt unfair. Little did I know the boss of port valbury would be the one and only boss that I couldn’t beat because of his healing mechanic. I have enough dps to kill the Iron Maiden despite her healing, so I’m wondering how a non-nemesis boss can possibly give me so much trouble. The cooldown on his heal seems to be extremely short, and he seems to be invulnerable for a long while after his heal due to some sort of energy shield. He heals no matter how far away I am, no matter if I’m attacking him or not, and no matter if I’m taking damage or not. Is it just a DPS check or is there some mechanic I’m missing? If it’s just a DPS wall, I’m extremely disappointed that this dungeon is essentially locked for characters without high DPS.

For reference, I don’t rely on retaliation damage. As I mentioned before, I have enough DPS to take down the Iron Maiden so I assumed it would be sufficient in this case as well. If builds are created around niche items and they cannot complete a chunk of the game’s content, what’s the purpose of those items’ existence?

Can you post a SS of your character? I am kinda in the same boat with my main and just sometimes it seems that there is that one boss your character can’t take down.

I run a Commando Sword & Shield W/ weapon swap to Dual Wielding. I can kill everything in the game with ease but Mog/Clone etc but then is get to Mad queen and I die instantly.

Yes even with 80% Life Leech Resist and kiting and watching for her aura, I start to DPS and blow up lol, I don’t care tho she don’t drop anything good for my build but in your situation I understand why you need the kill.

Hopefully we can get you some help

@Snazzblaster Paragraphs please :p;)

My pets killed him/them slowly but surely :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure but, if you are talking about the final boss, who really are three of them. Then, usually I start to attack any of them until they deploy some kind of shield around, maybe Maiven’s. So I focus on the one who does not have such shield.

There is one very simple rule - never leave Vanadritch itself for the very ending of battle, kill him first or second