Port Valbury - how to get job?

Got revered with Outcast. Did all her jobs through obsidian thing. And that’s it. Nothing about Valbury. Any talk with her, she just blathers about obsidian. Went to Conflagration, every inch. No place to use dynamite. Cursored all over. Nada shows. Valbury not on map, either.

So how to get Outcast to give job? Alternatively, how to access Valbury?

I recall you saying in previous posts that you were playing in Well, Port Valbury is only accessible in an update after that one.

Or did you update to the latest version?

Well, bummer. Your memory is good. Yeah, still have 06. Looks like no Valbury for my “ice princess”. Heh.

Thanks for the info.

Why not just get the new patches?

Probably because their version isn’t “capable” of being upgraded.

@OP…if you’re using a pirated version which is why you cannot upgrade then it’s rather out of order to ask on the official forums for help.

Please either explain WHY your legit copy cannot be upgraded…or I suggest buying a legal copy or leaving the forums.

Many people also don’t update their GOG version (or even downgrade) when they find mods they like which aren’t necessarily kept up to date, from what I’ve read in the forums (unless that’s the going excuse for software piracy these days).

which also means he will lack all the juicy sets introduced in (Warborn, Bloodrager, Light’s Defender and the like…)… and the legendary stuff of the rogue-like end bosses :undecided:

i would never have resisted to all that loot personally :smiley:

Not to mention the expansion when it comes out.

Those sets were added in So OP has them.