Porting Grim Dawn to macOS/iOS/Linux

Hello Grim Dawn community!

I am a CTO of a porting house Elverils, LLC specialising in macOS/iOS and Linux porting. Recently we had a major release - Divinity Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition for macOS. Looks like everybody liked the port - just google it.

We’re stuffed with big projects but sometimes porting house just need to do stuff that is ‘for the better of whole mankind’. That is - we really wish we could work with Crate people on Grim Dawn for macOS and other platforms. We have skills, expertise and we can help and guide you with AppStore releases.

Of course we can’t do it for free because well you know we have to pay engineers, but this is definitely a ‘love child’ project VS ‘give me moar money’. We see great potential for Grim Dawn on Mac and on tablets and we feel we can help with it.

Why shouldn’t you guys mail business unit of Char you might ask? We did! Boy, we did it and got no answer.

So basically this is our last try - we really wish to help you guys with ports, our team is mostly technical specialising on console (yes, that’s where most of the money come friends, not from Mac :slight_smile: , Mac and Linux rendering and system programmers.

So without further ado, contact me through forum or through email (which I can’t write it turns out :wink: Let’s make the game together and it will rock!

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Thanks for the offer, but we have no plans to port the game to Linux or MacOS at this time.

Ok, no problem. We also do PS4 and XBOX just FYI :wink: Anyway, we always respect the customer decision.


I’m a mac user and I’d love to see this ported. I purchased the basic version and Crucible from gog, but they don’t play well on my macbook in a parallels instance. And I’m not going to boot camp my machine because it’s a hassle and I can’t switch to work tasks easily.

I’m willing to pay money to help make this happen, but not like $200+ or anything… Until I can easily play from my macbook, I see no reason to purchase Ashes or FG. I understand this could be a really resource intense port, so no worries if it can’t be done.

Just thought I’d write to let you know there are people out there who definitely would like to see this running in macOS.

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Put me down as another one who’d love a Mac port of Grim Dawn! :slight_smile:

When/if the market gets big enough it might happen, who knows. But this from Zantai back in October last year in a Steam thread re Linux.

“Steam is our number 1 source of revenue by users and you need only look as far as their surveys to see that Linux represents 0.78% of their user base.”

No idea how much bigger Mac users might be of course, but that’s a pretty small number.

You could always try asking Valve to make their Proton project support Macs as well as Linux.

OSX is at 3.06%. Click on the OS line for details


I would love to see this on OS X and/or Linux to play with a friend of mine.

However, I would not want to play a port with the quality of Divinity, Original Sin. It has many bugs with mouse selection layering that are moderately infuriating. The windows original doesn’t have any of these problems.

It already runs on Linux thanks to Valve’s Proton project.

Running pretty damned smoothly on Proton too. Last I tried it on Manjaro it looked to be running nearly as smooth as on Windows as far as I could tell. Huge improvement.